No Sell Out

A photo from yesteryear and seen on a daily basis when we had thousands of Colleagues from across the UK serving in Northern Ireland during operation banner, sadly hundreds lost… Read more »

Study in the USA

Spend a full academic year at an American college or university studying business and/or STEM related subjects. Each year between 50-60 students from Northern Ireland participate in the Study USA… Read more »

Bogus BBC

Bogus BBC bigots hate British Voters. Sometimes a few words of graffiti sum up the feelings of the entire British nation. This was seen on the salubrious setting of the… Read more »

Anti Brexit Thugs

Well done to those who protested Boris in Manchester today throwing objects and breaking every public order law we have … well done folks 🙂 but its brexiteers who are… Read more »

Happy Ulster Day

As we come to the last few weeks of what is hopefully the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations, I would ask all those within power to remember Northern Ireland and… Read more »

Understanding needed.

What is It mainstream politicians cannot seem to understand? They betray the people who voted them into office , they sign surrender deals then join with the mainstream media in… Read more »

Tesco Bag Offends.

Walking through the streets of Newport Wales recently I was shocked and more than a little disturbed to find a lady carrying a Tesco bag. Had I become a snowflake,… Read more »