Batten appoints David Jones as Spokesman

UKIP Northern IrelandUKIP Leader Gerard Batten has appointed Councillor David Jones as the Spokesman for Northern Ireland. David was part of a package of 14 new Spokesmen appointed to his team.

Welcoming the appointment Councillor David Jones stated:

“I hope in my new role I can live up to the expectations of the leader and the Party.

I believe UKIP still has a fundamental role in achieving Brexit, especially when you take account of the present limbo into which the Government has placed the UK.

“Being from NI we must also be aware, as the only part of the UK with an EU border, that this issue must be addressed fairly and sensibly, not used as a political pawn, and does not become a ‘back door’ entry point to the U.K.”

Commenting further, Councillor Jones added:

“More than our EU Exit,  I believe UKIP has a large part to play in standing up for the working people of this nation on all other areas and issues. We have policies that reach beyond Brexit; some of which have been taken on by other Parties. We must continue to champion these issue and bring them to the attention of the public locally and nationally.”

Also welcoming the news was Paul Girvan, Regional Controller of UKIP in Northern Ireland”

“On behalf of the branch, I just wanted to convey my hearty congratulations on your appointment as Northern Ireland Spokesman.  While long overdue, this recognition from the party leadership is no less welcome. I consider this a red letter day for the local branch. It’s clear that both locally and nationally; UKIP has a role to play as the strong voice for the patriotic working people.”

Turn UK Blue – With its own workers.

The proposal is to make our British Passport, yes! the lovely blue ones, outside the UK.

UK Passport Cover

Obviously UKIP are fully opposed to such an action, we must retain jobs within our own borders. Especially with such a prestigious task.

We ask you to join the Daily Mail and sign their petition fighting, as we do, the retention of jobs here.

Keep Blue within UK, Click Here

Join or Donate to UKIP in Northern Ireland



Wake up Brexiteers!


David McNarry – UKIP Northern Ireland

Wake up Brexiteers; the Irish / EU caucus are sleep walking the UK Government into a ‘New Ireland.’

Guess what? They are including Northern Ireland in their plan to bulldoze British soil smack bang into an all Ireland EU customs union.

When the Nation voted to take back control of our borders; it meant all of our borders. The trick in the slight of hand Irish are attempting is to summarily remove the only land border in the United Kingdom.

The political elite have shown an eager willingness to acquiesce in this dangerous backstop proposal. Never write again letters of controversial double talk implications Mrs. May. In fact, Mrs. Prime Minister – It would be appropriate that you write an open letter to the people of Northern Ireland withdrawing your December commitment to Donald Tusk. 

Our Government have a duty to publicly denounce this backstop proposal.

The longer it remains on the table as the only proposition; the more Varadkar, the Irish and those who seek to break up this Union will agitate.  


Brexiteers UK-wide must demand when the Government will produce a coherent alternative to the backstop nonsense. The Government will ignore at its peril denying the 320,579 Northern Irelanders who voted to leave the EU their right to be treated no different from any other part of this United Kingdom.


So come on the 44% here in Northern Ireland who voted leave: Let’s get Brexiting with a social media campaign driving home the compelling message that the border stays and it is going nowhere.

Opinion Piece By David McNarry (former UKIP MLA & NI Leader.)

Daylight robbery of UK’s rich fishing resources

UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed new EU demands for continued fishing access to our waters after 2020, saying “the EU is holding the UK’s fishing grounds hostage.”

Mr Hookem’s comments came after the EU published new guidelines to future UK/EU trade talks, which state, “in the overall context of the FTA, existing reciprocal access to fishing waters and resources should be maintained.”

Speaking from his Yorkshire constituency, Mr Hookem said, “this latest EU demand is nothing more than an attempted daylight robbery of the UK’s rich fishing resources.”

Mr Hookem continued, “Unlike the British Government, the EU understands the true value of our fishing resources and are trying to blackmail Britain in allowing continued access after the transitional period ends in 2020.”

“Given Theresa May and David Davis’ track record so far in Brexit negotiations, I have no doubt that they will roll over and allow EU negotiators to walk all over them. However, for many in the fishing industry, this will be the final nail in the coffin.”

“Any move to allow the EU to continue stripping the UK’s rich fishing resources after 2020 will be the completion of a betrayal that started with Edward Heath in 1972; continued when the Tories allowed fishing to be included in the transitional arrangements; and will end with continued access post-2020.”

“When will Theresa May grow a pair and start to stand up for the United Kingdom and tell the EU to get lost.”

“Should the UK reclaim its full fishing rights under international law, the industry is worth at least £6.3billon to the British economy at today’s prices. The potential boost in income would help many struggling coastal communities and protect a historic industry that has been practised in Britain for millennia.”

Blue Passports should be made in the UK

East Midlands MEP Jonathan Bullock said he was disappointed the new post-Brexit passports may not be made in the UK.

The British firm, which has made the UK’s passports for ten years, wants answers from the Government on reports it is set to award the contract for the new blue passports to a Franco-Dutch company.

Mr Bullock said: “The new blue passport is one symbol of us voting to leave the EU. It is disappointing they look likely to be made abroad and they should be made in this country for security reasons.

“Of course, this also means the loss of business to the current makers of the passports – a British company. I hope the Government will look at this again.”

Gerard Batten – A Decisive Step towards Brexit ‘Betrayal’

In a joint press conference, David Davies and Michel Barnier announced a “legal text which constitutes a decisive step towards a final agreement”.

What it actually constitutes is a decisive step towards a betrayal of Brexit and genuine Exit from the EU.

Under the proposed Agreement we would see a transition period up to 2022 during which time we would be obliged to keep existing laws and implement new ones.


We would continue to have open borders, and we would continue to abide by the Common Fisheries Policy.

The tangible betrayal is that of our fishing industry and our territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone.  Under the proposals, we would not take back control of fishing policy but instead, the obscene Common Fisheries Policy will continue in existence and our fisherman only allowed the same quotas of catch as now.

In addition, under Article 135 we will agree to continue paying the pay and pensions for top Eurocrats for a very long time to come.

Mrs May has always intended betrayal of genuine Brexit.  The attached three-page downloadable pamphlet shows how Mrs May intends to bind us to the EU’s infamous police and criminal justice measures, such as the European Arrest Warrant.

David Coburn says – LET’S BREXIT NOW

UKIP Northern Ireland
UKIP Northern Ireland

As I predicted, the Tory Brexit deal, is destroying the Scottish Fishing industry, over this 2-year period. It seems that Lib Lab Con & the SNP all prefer the EU running our fishing grounds.

As the only pro-Brexit Scottish MEP, I will continue to fight, alone if necessary, for Scottish fishermen!

All those involved in the Brexit deal, claim they don’t want to see a hard border in Northern Ireland, so why is there any issue? If nobody wants it, then don’t do it!

The EU are playing dangerous & disingenuous games!

The continuation of free movement during the transition period due to the Brexit deal, not only ignores the voters of the UK, but it also smacks of a desire to flood the UK with migrants to change our voting demographic.

Just like Labour did in the not so distant past!

If there are no British MEP’s, then there should be NO Transitional period! Our taxes pay for this nonsense and taxation without representation is a dictatorship!

Britain cannot become a colony of Brussels, for 2 days, let alone 2 years, with Zero MEP’s or seats at the table!

Our unity may intimidate them, but it’s none of their business!





UKIP Northern Ireland 

On Monday the UK and EU agreed terms for a transition period. The draft text includes an agreement that there must be a ‘backstop solution’ on the island of Ireland if ‘no answers are found.’  This solution is a ‘Non Starter.’   As UKIP has previously identified – sensible answers are available in the form of smart and practical technological solutions if there is a will.  

The nature of trade, both domestically between all parts of the United Kingdom, and across our land border with  the Irish Republic highlights the importance of finding a solution that protects businesses’ ability to trade.

Commenting on all of this , UKIP Spokesman – Councillor David Jones said:

“Practical solutions to this exist, provided there’s a will to examine them. There are multiple examples throughout the world where smart technology is used in border scenarios such as this. It’s clear that the will to find a solution has been missing to date  by  the EU negotiators and by some locally and nationally who continue to fight a referendum battle that has passed.

“One thing is clear though. The so-called ‘back-stop solution’ is not a solution at all, it’s a non-starter. Mr. Varadkar might be a fan and undoubtedly it would be music to the ears of those who wish to break the United Kingdom up by stealth. However, Mrs. May said a few weeks ago that no British Prime Minister would ever accept a scenario that would damage the integrity of the United Kingdom. Wouldn’t this ‘back-stop solution’ or a border in the Irish Sea do just that?”

Commenting further, Councillor Jones added:

“For each part of the UK, our most important trade, social and cultural relationships are those we have here – with the rest of this nation.  There should be no question of hurdles being introduced that could  be a barrier between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK: Constitutionally, economically and politically, this is one nation: We voted to leave the EU in its entirety together.

“UKIP is opposed to any ‘solution’ that would go against the democratic wishes of the majority or dilute the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. As Gerard Batten MEP said last week, ‘the EU wants unconditional surrender from the British, Mrs. May seems to have settled for conditional surrender. Ukip is quite clear on this: Our position is ‘no surrender.’  

“17.4 Million people voted for full independence and a return to our status as a free, sovereign, democratic nation state. Any so-called ‘Unionist’ would have no truck with a scenario that would continue to make us subservient to EU masters, and threaten the constitutional integrity of this United Kingdom.”

Inspire YOUth at NDDO

UKIP North DownInspire YOUth is funded through the Ulster Skills and Opportunities Fund.

The programme is specifically targeted at 16-25 year olds currently not in education or employment; this programme is designed to assist with building  new found knowledge and expertise in business and enterprise by providing signposting, training and mentoring as well as a workplace within a local business, using local entrepreneurs as mentors to give an insight into self employment or enhance employability skills and add to a CV

The Inspire YOUth programme of support includes:

  • FREE support, advice and signposting
  • FREE 8 session Exploring Enterprise programme
  • 12 day placement over a period of 12 weeks with a local company to gain valuable work experience and knowledge
  • Funding to cover travel expenses for placement stage
  • 1:2:1 coaching and mentoring from local business entrepreneurs
  • Access to local young business owners and ambassadors
  • Help to plan your next steps ….

 We are running to information workshops over the next few weeks and hope to try and reach as many young people as we can and would really appreciate it if you could help us get the word out there.  I have attached our programme flyer and all information is outlined on our website.

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