Monthly Archives: September 2019

Time To Shut Down Stormont.

A lot of people here in Northern Ireland will be bemused by the rants of the pan-nationalist front (Sinn Fein, Alliance, SDLP and greens) here in Northern Ireland. The hypocrites… Read more »

Newport Orb Plant

Perhaps not the usual post from UKIP in Northern Ireland but we will share the concern at the possible loss of jobs at Orb Electrical Steels. Our concern is heightened… Read more »

Forces Funding Welcomed

Brian Higginson an UK Armed forces veteran and UKIP Northern Ireland member welcomes the announcement of the £5 Million funding  for the new UK armed services veterans department. Athough a good start,… Read more »

What’s the Point

As Stormont continues without an operating executive many are asking whats the point of an MLA? We continue to shell out for salaries, expenses, and operating costs yet receive nothing… Read more »