Scrap the expensive, useless extra tiers of Government #UKIPForTheUnion

UKIP’s NEC BACK POLICY: UKIP’s National Executive Committee unanimously voted to change the Party’s devolution policy (campaign to bring an end to the current devolved Assemblies / Parliament’s.)  The policy change was put forward by leading figures in UKIP Wales, UKIP Scotland and UKIP Northern Ireland.

Gareth Bennett AM, Leader of UKIP in the Welsh Assembly, said: “Devolution is a white elephant which has added nothing to the lives of people in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The devolved administrations are a waste of taxpayers’ money and the future of the Welsh Assembly should be put to a public vote in 2024”.

Donald Mackay, Leader of UKIP Scotland, said: “We need to go back to being a United Kingdom. For too long Scottish, Welsh and Irish Nationalists have sought to undermine the constitutional integrity of the UK. If we finally leave the EU and re-join the international stage as an independent and sovereign power, it is vital that we strengthen the constitutional bonds that unite the four countries of our United Kingdom”.

UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill, said: “Let’s stop the ‘money for nothing’ gravy-train once and for all by scrapping Stormont and its work-shy MLAs. We have a Sovereign Parliament and eleven huge councils. Stormont is a useless, unnecessary and expensive extra tier of government. Instead of clinging onto an outdated system which is failing local people, UKIP is offering a practical way ahead”.

UKIP will now campaign against legislative devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – offering a positive alternative to this failed and divisive project.



-Here in Northern Ireland, UKIP’s Localism Policy will see the party calling for an end to the Stormont Gravy-Train and instead – relevant local powers over local services should be transferred to the eleven existing ‘super-councils.’ (An example is planning which was partly transferred to the councils in 2014.)

-There will be an event launching this policy as part of the 2019 Local Government Campaign in Belfast during April. More information will be provided soon.

It’s time to scrap Stormont and bring the gravy-train to an end


For 45 years – UK sovereignty was held hostage by the European Union. In 2019, the sovereignty of the United Kingdom is being undermined by legislative devolution in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. To date, legislative devolution has been a trojan-horse, weaponised by those who want to break up the United Kingdom to do so from within.

Equally, Stormont has failed to deliver good government. When it was operational – it delivered scandal, gridlock, indecision, point-scoring and carve-up politics.

The institutions also allowed for the current situation to develop whereby political parties have been able to hijack and abuse the system to line their pockets and further their own political agenda(s).

Commenting on all of this and announcing a new UKIP Policy which was agreed by the National Executive Committee this past weekend, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:

“We are four countries, but we are one nation. UKIP is a true UK Unionist Party: Standing up for the people of this nation in all parts of it. We believe in smaller government and putting local decisions into the hands of local people. We believe in returning sovereignty to the people of this nation.

“Shamefully, there hasn’t been a functioning Northern Ireland Assembly for two years – yet MLAs still collect salaries and expenses. These politicians cannot agree enough to form a lasting Government, but they can agree to continue the saga whereby they take money from taxpayers while Civil-Servants have been in charge of governance with no democratic oversight.

Commenting further – Robert who will be standing as a candidate in May (Newtownabbey) added:

“Let’s stop the ‘money for nothing’ gravy-train once and for all by scrapping Stormont and let’s instead transfer administrative powers over local services to local people, via councils. By Transferring powers to Northern Ireland’s eleven councils – this would provide decision-making and democratic accountability at a truly local level.

“It’s not a coincidence that some of Northern Ireland’s best economic figures in recent memory have come during the two years in which we’ve had no functioning Assembly or Executive. Stormont is a useless, unnecessary and expensive extra tier of government. Instead of clinging onto an antiquated system which is failing us,

UKIP is offering a practical way ahead which saves taxpayers money and puts them, not the politicians first. In May, this will be our main policy in the council elections.”

Further information on this policy will be announced at a launch event in Belfast in April.

Decision to prosecute soldier a travesty

Commenting on the decision to charge a British Soldier in relation to events on ‘Bloody Sunday’, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“The despicable decision to prosecute ‘Soldier F’ for doing his duty on ‘Bloody Sunday’ is just another step in the appeasement of Sinn Fein IRA and their many attempts to re-write history.

“We must not forget that these soldiers and many other service-men came to Ulster to defend us from the evils of terrorism and this precedent means they are now being punished for obeying orders, and risking their lives for their country.

“The IRA were present on the streets, using their own supporters and bystanders as cover to viciously attack and attempt to kill British soldiers. The soldiers had to make split-second, life and death decisions. Defending your colleagues and yourself against terrorists should never have been treated as a crime.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“The same terror groups are still active today despite our so-called peace agreement’s, as seen lately with the bomb in Londonderry and the suspect packages claimed by the IRA. It is shameful that whilst soldiers are being prosecuted, many of the criminals and terrorists who ambushed them were released twenty years ago. If there’s an amnesty for them, there should be an amnesty for the Armed Forces who were carrying out their duties.

“Today’s decision is a travesty. It also sets a very dangerous precedent going forward. Let us never forget the sacrifice of our brave soldiers in defence of this nation.”

The people won’t stand for betrayal

Commenting on Mrs May’s latest negotiation, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“This latest attempt by ‘Treason’ May to trick MPs into backing her surrender document is simply a re-hash of everything we already knew. She may well have collected plenty of air miles on her capitulation tour of Europe, but her poor withdrawal deal would still see us trapped permanently inside a  ‘Single Customs Territory.’ Northern Ireland will still be treated separately from the rest of the nation. How can any ‘Unionist’ agree to that?      The United Kingdom is four countries and one nation. It must leave as one nation.

“We will not be divided by the puppet-state Irish Republic and its EU masters.
We will not accept the so-called ‘back-stop.’
We will not accept any ransom demands. We voted to leave the European Union entirely. Only at the point which we have fully left the EU will democracy have been respected and the will of the people delivered. Any attempt to vote this deal through, or to delay the vote further, as called for by the DUP – will not be tolerated by the vast majority of the Unionist population of these islands.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“Over the next few days, MPs need to respect the democratic wishes of the British public by voting this treacherous deal down. They must object to and vote against any delays or extensions and they must vote for a clear and transparent ‘NO DEAL’ WTO Brexit (also known as actually leaving…) as UKIP has called for all along.

We expect to leave on March 29th as we voted to leave, not for a woeful deal.

To delay is to betray and we, the people won’t stand for it.”

Varadkar’s “TRAP” to break up the UK exposed

When describing the outcome he hopes to see from Brexit, Leo Varadkar used some quite revealing words. So in his own words, he only wants to “Trap” and “Keep” Northern Ireland.
Commenting on this, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:
“Nobody who uses the labels ‘Unionist’ or ‘Brexiteer’ could ever support May’s surrender deal. Especially one that includes any sort of backstop whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if it’s one day, six months or two years. It’s unacceptable.
“The mask has slipped. Leo Varadkar’s revealing words today make it abundantly clear, if it wasn’t already obvious long ago, that this whole experiment is not only an attempt to keep the UK as a whole wedded to the EU in some fashion, it’s a brazen attempt to try and ‘trap’ Northern Ireland to break up the United Kingdom by stealth.
Given the DUP’s unsurprising silence on the matter, it’s clear once again that only UKIP is prepared to stand up for a true Brexit, stand up for the Union and stand up for the nation.
“Any self-respecting Prime Minister would treat these words from the Irish Prime Minister with the contempt they deserve, walk away and leave the EU completely on March 29th as one nation. Unfortunately, we have Theresa May.”

Only UKIP is a true people’s alternative here for Brexit & Beyond

DUP Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson made it clear in the media this week that a mere promise from the EU that there will be an end date to the despicable backstop will be enough for the DUP to betray the electorate and vote for ‘Treason’ May’s treacherous withdrawal deal.

Commenting on this, Robert Hill – UKIP spokesman for Northern Ireland said:

“Is there anything this once great party won’t do to save their positions, their, power and their seats in the VIP section of the gravy-train?

Have they no concerns over the UK Government giving the undemocratic E.U £39 Billion pounds of OUR money while our infrastructure, health and education suffer due to the pressure of uncontrolled immigration forced on us by E.U rules? Do they not care that our fishing industry will continue to be decimated by being tied to E.U. fishing rules? Is it not a concern to them that we would be leaving the E.U. in name only with May’s withdrawal deal?”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“Equally, the DUP: which once positioned itself as the party of morality, law and order in Northern Ireland – now actively ignores and in fact rewards criminality, obviously inspired by its time playing Government with former IRA terrorists.

“The 2019 DUP are busy selecting previously shamed Councillors who are convicted drunk-drivers, others who are known expenses-fiddlers and others still who were found guilty of sexual assault as candidates in the local elections. This is the same DUP that lectures the rest of society. Haven’t they changed?”

“UKIP offers a real alternative to the old politics, – a party that puts the people first, including the 350,000 people here in Northern Ireland who voted leave. We are the only party totally dedicated to a complete and total divorce from the corrupt and failing E.U and its pirates in the Puppet Irish Republic.

“The 29th of March must be the date of our final annulment with the E.U.”

“In addition, we are committed to seeing an end to the politics of carve-up and self-service: Fighting instead for a system of truly accountable and transparent Governance that works for people here.

“Only by supporting UKIP, joining UKIP and voting UKIP can you help us deliver true democracy and independence to the whole of this great nation.