March 29th – Let’s Go WTO

Commenting on the votes last night in the House of Commons, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“After last night’s vote and the European Union’s response – where they made it abundantly clear that they won’t change one word of May’s Withdrawal Agreement, it should be clear to even the most ardent anti-democratic Remainers that UKIP, the only true Brexit party has been right all along –  the Irish Border issue was always a political issue twisted and manipulated by remainers to try and and stop our Exit from the European Union. As we have always said, the backstop is neither wanted or needed.

“The idiotic idea of paying the E.U. £39 Billion for this surrender document should be scrapped altogether,  and the democratic will of the British people must be enacted by leaving the shackles of the E.U. and using WTO rules to operate and trade freely as the fifth largest economy with the rest of the World.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“Roll on 29th March 2019 when we walk away and leave the failing European Union as one United Kingdom. We will have taken back our freedom as an independent, sovereign nation state: Free to make our own laws, free to fish in our own waters and free to trade and co-operate globally with other nations.”

UKIP Selects Council Candidate in Newtownabbey

Longtime UKIP Party Member and Activist, Raymond Stewart has been selected by the party as a candidate for the May Local Government Elections in the Three Mile Water DEA in Newtownabbey

Raymond alongside UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP at an event in Belfast

Commenting on his selection, Mr Stewart said:

“I am delighted to have been selected by UKIP to contest the council elections in May. I welcome the opportunity to be able to offer the people of Three Mile Water the authentic party of a Brexit, and a patriotic, UK Unionist alternative.

“UKIP is back up in the polls, membership is growing locally and nationally – and as the political establishment actively try to deny 17.4 Million people their democratic right- a full exit from the EU – many will rightly ask: Why should ever trust them with our vote again?

UKIP is the only party locally or nationally calling for a full and complete exit from the EU. We didn’t vote for a deal on the EU’s terms which costs us £39 Billion; we voted to leave completely. If we haven’t done so on March 29th, the people will have been betrayed.”

“UKIP will be contesting the council elections with a clear message and full range of policies. Standing up for a Real Brexit, for freedom of speech, for local democracy, for the Union,  and standing up for the nation.”

Only UKIP has a plan for Brexit & the entire UK

We in UKIP, unlike every other party throughout the United Kingdom are, and always have been very clear and united on where we stand on Brexit. We, unlike every other party in the United Kingdom have always had a clean plan for Brexit and for what happens next. 

Unlike the hypocrites in the DUP – we do not support ‘Treason’ May, and after such a devastating defeat last night, we stand with Brexiteers across the country who rightly believe that she should resign immediately.

Unlike the DUP and other so-called Unionist parties – we do not want another dodgy deal from the unaccountable European Union which attempted to annex Northern Ireland by stealth in the last one. The European Union would never give us a good deal – as they never wanted us to leave in the first place. 

We believe that the British Government is NOT here to serve the will of the Irish Republic, the EU27 or indeed its mainstream media supporters. The British Government are the servants of us,  its citizens. It is now time for the Government to honour its promises and deliver what we voted for: A complete withdrawal  from the shackles of the undemocratic European Union.

The politicians who were elected to serve the people must put the people first and must now repeal the European Communities Act immediately – and leave on our terms, so that the United Kingdom (as the fifth largest economy in the world), can freely trade and co-operate with the rest of the world – that includes the USA and the 90% of future Global Growth outside the failing EU.

Only UKIP offer the electorate a clear way forward for the entire United Kingdom.  Only a vote for UKIP can deliver the clean and clear Brexit we originally voted for. UKIP is the party that is standing up for the hard working men and women of this nation – in all corners of it.

By Robert Hill – UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland

Former Lagan Valley Parliamentary Candidate selected as Lisburn Council candidate

Former UKIP Lagan Valley Parliamentary Candidate selected as Council candidate in Lisburn

Former UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Lagan Valley, Alan Love has been selected by the party as its candidate for the May Local Government Elections in the Lisburn North DEA.

Commenting on his selection, Mr Love (a Retired Environmental Chemist and long-serving party representative & activist) said:

“I am delighted to have been selected by the party to contest the forthcoming council elections and I welcome this opportunity to again be able to offer the people of Lisburn the authentic party of Brexit, and a true alternative to the failing parties and politics locally. 

“In these times when many are struggling – and where MLAs are paid a full-time salary to go missing for two years; trust in politicians is at an all time low. People are now crying out for a voice. UKIP is up in the polls, membership has been been growing rapidly locally and nationally – and as we witness a political class attempting to cynically block the democratic will of 17.4 Million people – many rightly ask the question: Why should we support those that tell us one thing and do another.”

“UKIP will be contesting these council elections in Northern Ireland with a full range of policies to give the people a true patriotic voice:  Standing up for a Real Brexit, for freedom of speech, for local democracy, for the Union,  and standing up for the nation.”

Dear Extreme Remainers: Shutting down debate and critique is a very slippery slope

What a start to the New Year. The Parliamentry farce over our democratic vote to leave the EU continues. Some Remainers are still Intent on pushing through May’s treacherous withdrawal deal which is ultimately remain by another name. Others still are attempting to use the various machinations of Parliament to stop Brexit entirely –  now they want to use the police to shut down debate, critique and halt protests against their betrayal of the people.

Any of us that have put our head above the parapet and dared to speak out in favour of Brexit, a no deal, or spoken publicly against mass uncontrolled immigration  – or the many other problems facing our people have been labelled by the Labour supporting Antifa and their various cohorts as ‘far right extremists’ or ‘Nazis.’ The mainstream media not only allowed this slander to feature on the news for many years – they facilitated it in their studios without question.

When  Brexit supporting politicians or personalities were attacked verbally, harassed, intimidated, threatened – this was brushed under the carpet as ‘part and parcel of the rough and tumble of political debate.’ 

Now Anna Soubry – an extreme remainer who has devoted every single day since June 2016 to undermining the largest democratic decision in UK history is hit with the very same labels –  and remarkably, MPs backed by the Mainstream media start having a fit. They call for the police to silence opposition.  A simple message to remainers and their supporters would be: “If you can’t take these offensive insults, then you should stop using them or facilitating them.”

It cannot be one rule for one side and a totally different set of rules for another. UKIP Spokesmen and Brexiteers across the nation have endured this for years – and the people have increasingly awoken to the truth and know who the true dictators and betrayers are.

The extreme remainers who wish to block our EU Exit clearly don’t grasp or understand how important respecting democracy is. If you continually attack democracy, you will obviously be protested against or critiqued. Once you use the apparatus of the state to start silencing that, it is a very slippery slope!

Robert Hill – UKIP spokesman for Northern Ireland