This is a fight #ForTheNation and our Union

Commenting on the jubilation evident amongst rem​ainers and Irish Republicans on the airwaves, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:

“The latest jubilant gloating of the Republican cabal of SDLP / Alliance and Greens led by the nose by their Sinn Fein masters – and falsely claiming to speak for the majority in Northern Ireland is wrong and it is totally misguided.

“Thanks to Mrs. May’s (not really leaving the EU) betrayal agreement – they believe that they have won –  and that by pushing their European overlords into creating an never-ending transition period, and with barriers and an economic border between Northern Ireland and the rest of this nation, they are now closer than ever to their end-goal of a United Ireland.

“Well I have news for them, and the Government of the Irish Republic : We have not and have no intention of ever going away.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“The gloating remainers have seriously underestimated the will of 17.4 Million Brexiteers and the many, many true Unionists not only here in Northern Ireland but throughout our great United Kingdom. We voted for our freedom because we believe in the strength of a truly Independent, sovereign and United Kingdom. We will not be denied.

“UKIP will continue to fight as the only authentic voice of Brexit  and the true party of the Union – in all corners of it. Now is the time to join us, support us, and vote for us in this fight for the nation.

UKIP for the Union!

Sinn Fein’s Remembrance day snub unsurprising – history doesn’t forget


Commenting on Sinn Fein’s refusal to attend events this Remembrance Day,       

UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said: 

“I know this will be a relief to many veterans who are fed up to their back-teeth of the hypocrisy from this party.   It will be a long time, if ever –  before the actions of their Provisional wing will be forgotten.

“The IRA’s relentless attacks on the security forces, their barbaric and indiscriminate attacks on members of the public and their cowardly and murderous attack on the Enniskillen cenotaph on Remembrance Day –  among many more atrocities are still fresh in many of our memories.

“Sinn Fein claim that they do not want pictured with anyone in uniform. Well I can assure them –  they would find it almost impossible to find anyone in uniform who would would want to be pictured with them.  Putting designer suits on terrorists does not change the bitterness, hatred and evil inside them.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“This party has finally proven to the world once again that their actions to date were just a carefully managed sham to keep them in their plush Government jobs – to keep the money flowing into their bank accounts.  They care nothing for the sacrifice paid by so many over the years and their absence from these ceremonies will be welcome news for many.”