Bank buildings devastation elicits darker memories of our recent past

The devastation caused by the fire at the historic Bank Buildings in Belfast has for many led to reminiscing of happier times in the city-  but for others,  it brings back darker memories of our recent past when a simple family shopping trip could so quickly turn to disaster as another IRA bomb ripped through buildings –  creating a haze of smoke and dust and the intense heat of flames; much like the scenes we witnessed on Tuesday.

Although losing such a historic and impressive building at the heart of  our capital city is deeply saddening – this time thankfully there were no screams competing with the wail of sirens.

Not all victims of our troubled past were killed or physically injured – but many remain mainly forgotten due to the fact their wounds are unseen mental scars that will never fully heal.

When they hear Sinn Fein tell us how terrible things like this are,  they reach for the sick bags as they remember vividly what they and their cohorts did to our country not that long ago – and are now lauded as ‘peacemakers’ by the great and good.

We cannot and will not ever allow the past to be glossed over or rewritten to suit their agenda – for the sake of all innocent victims.

By Robert Hill
UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland

600 days of inactivity – the current Stormont farce must end now


After over a year and a half without a fully functioning Assembly or Government, Northern Ireland remains in a state of limbo. Despite this, MLAs continue to receive a full salary for a job they aren’t doing.


Commenting on this situation, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:

“The almost six hundred days of inactivity at Stormont – and the outrageous £9 Million paid to date in wages to our ‘non-legislating legislators’ is totally unacceptable.  Why must the hard working people of Northern Ireland continue to fund this gravy-train?  No other job pays for a year and a half of indecision, inactivity  and incompetence.


“Why should the people of Northern Ireland have to accept this absurdity – a situation created by the very politicians who continue to get paid for nothing?  Every party in the assembly is complicit and equally guilty of collecting big wages for NOT making decisions or taking a stand.   Silly stunts with banners at Stormont won’t detract from the repetitive cycle of gridlock, failure and scandal that has dominated there in the last few years.  Equally, the narrow agenda of an Irish language act to appease approximately 2% of the population cannot be allowed to continue to adversely affect  100% of the population through a lack of decisions on health, education and infrastructure.”


Commenting further, Robert added:


“The legacy parties in Northern Ireland are wedded to the present Stormont shambles. After all, they are the architects and champions of it.   The shameful six hundred days of uncertainty only serve to further highlight how out of date and antiquated  their institutions of (non) Government are now.  Legislative Devolution in its current Stormont guise is from a time which has long since passed.  There needs to be a re-think about the future long-term Governance of Northern Ireland. The people also need to have a say.


“In the mean time, the current situation cannot be allowed to continue. This half-in and half-out British Government indecision cannot be allowed to continue either.  We in UKIP Northern Ireland demand an immediate end to this farce, and a swift return to direct rule.


“The debate can then turn to a mature conversation on the future Governance of Northern Ireland.”

Recent Republican sabre-rattling is part of a clear agenda – aided by some in the media

Recent Irish Republican sabre-rattling is part of a clear agenda – aided by some in the media.

Commenting, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland –  Robert Hill said:

“Recent Irish Republican sabre-rattling needs to be looked at as a whole – and not simply as a series of independent, unconnected events as some in the local media would have us believe.
“In Londonderry –  we’ve seen an escalation in a  campaign of attacks on Unionist and Loyalist (PUL)  homes in the city, and there was the recent provocative and highly offensive bonfires,  with flags – and displaying the names of police and prison officers who were so callously murdered by terrorists.
In Belfast too,  we’ve witnessed the provocative anti-internment parade through our capital city. There was also the unseemly and shocking spectacle of  IRA songs, chanting and Republican flag-waving at a publicly funded West Belfast Festival – ‘Feile.’
“These events, all within days of one another are not unconnected. They are all part of an acceleration of a rabid Republican agenda which aims to ramp up tensions,  and ultimately provoke a response from either the PUL community –  or the security forces.”


Commenting further, Robert added:

“The hope of those behind these activities is that certain commentators and media outlets will  again act as a useful vehicle to further their agenda  –  and publish articles with a certain slant, or degree of creativity.  This is of course also part of the long-term project of attempting to rewrite history.
“That was never more obvious than the outrageous comments from some of the usual suspects this week: Nuala O’loan now seemingly believes that it was the security forces who were ultimately responsible for the tragedy of the Omagh bombing,  and not the Republican terrorists who actually planted the bomb.  
BBC favourite and regular radio Commentator –  Jude Collins too appears to believe that people who make bombs, transport the bomb to a market town, give false-warnings and then detonate – killing men, women and children are not really committing murder. Seriously?
“Let’s highlight the agenda behind these connected words and actions  to the world – and shine a bright light on what’s really going on. Equally,  let’s not fall into their traps.”

NI trade with rest of UK much greater than trade to EU & four times value of trade with ROI



The recent ONS trade figures once again highlight NI’s economic reliance on the internal UK market – where trade to the rest of the United Kingdom is much greater than trade to the EU-  including the Irish Republic. 

In fact – Northern Ireland’s sales to mainland Britain are worth one-and-a-half times the value of all Northern Ireland exports – and are worth nearly four times the value of exports to the Republic.

Commenting this, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“Alongside the usual fear-mongering headlines –  which we’ve witnessed again today,  a number of false statistics have been used in a further attempt to try and justify the creation of a border in the Irish Sea.  Some disingenuous figures quoted have excluded billions in Northern Irish sales to the rest of the United Kingdom:  Sales which are  more than four times as much as NI sales to the Republic.   When you look at the total picture of all of Northern Ireland’s external sales – you find that 60.3% goes directly to the rest of the UK, while only 14.7% goes to the Republic.”

“Despite what we’re told by those who wish to wreck our EU Exit, or leave in name only –  it would never have been in Northern Ireland’s interests to prioritise access to the Irish Republic over access to the rest of this nation – quite apart from the obvious ramifications that would have for our historic union. Excluding the Republic –  only 8.4% of all of our exports go to the remaining EU26, compared to 16.6% which go to the rest of the world.

“If we were to listen to the local branches of team remain – Northern Ireland alone would have remained in some bizarre ‘customs arrangement’ with the EU – this would have prevented us from benefitting from future trade deals put in place by the rest of the UK.  Those on either side of the border calling for this absurdity aren’t only calling for the integrity of the United Kingdom to be put into question; they’re prioritising 23% of trade with the EU (including ROI) over the 77% of trade with the rest of the UK and elsewhere in the world.”

Another line used by some remainers this week is: ‘In the event of a no-deal Brexit, industries that have cross-border supply chains could be seriously damaged’.

Responding to this, Robert added:

“There will be minimal change. The Common Travel Area – which all agree should continue and which predates UK and Irish EU membership will continue unaffected.     In terms of this ‘damage to cross-border supply chains’ – This is yet more project fear.    Smart-checking schemes already exist elsewhere, and this is a practical option for trading –  while ensuring the integrity of the UK’s internal market. Using technology is one way of enhancing security with minimal fuss and with no new physical infrastructure.  Similar solutions have been introduced elsewhere. You can find examples at the Norway / Sweden border and the Canada / United States border where solutions have been implemented through trusted-trader schemes and the sharing of data and facilities.

*’Standards and best practices such as domestic and cross-border coordinated border management as well as trusted trader and trusted traveller programs can significantly reduce compliance requirements and make borders almost friction free… Technologies such as number plate recognition, enhanced drivers licenses and the use of smartphone apps can also have a significant impact by reducing paperwork and allowing pre- or on-arrival release.’

*“This quoted information isn’t from a Eurosceptic think-tank or a leave voting politician. This is directly from a smart border report commissioned and published by the EU itself – hardly a hotbed of optimistic EU Exit thought!    Much to disappointment of Mr. Varadkar, Mr. Barnier and remainers locally and nationally who want to use Northern Ireland as a trojan-horse to wreck Brexit:  Crucially – their own ‘smart border’ report asserts  that these solutions are applicable whatever the outcome of Mrs. May’s negotiation.  This would work either if there’s a deal –  or if we walk away free to trade with the world under WTO rules!”




European Parliament:  Smart Border 2.0: Avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland

Batten: What type of party is UKIP?


What type of party is UKIP?

By Gerard Batten MEP – Leader of UKIP

Since being saved from near destruction in February – UKIP’s fortunes have been rising: membership is growing markedly locally and nationally, substantial donations are coming in, and we have gone from 1%-2% in the polls to around 7%-8% nationally. Once again UKIP threatens the political status quo.

Our political and ideological opponents have not failed to notice.  The ‘UKIP is dead’ narrative has had to be updated. The new narrative being pushed is that under my leadership UKIP is being taken to the ‘far-right’ or the ‘hard-right’.

What these terms actually mean is not explained.  As far as one can gather –  this is anyone who is not in line with the accepted politically-correct, culturally-Marxist consensus. That is hardly what most people would understand by those terms.

The labelling is of course just used to shut down comment and chill debate on subjects that are not supposed to be mentioned or debated. So, what do I and UKIP actually stand for? I’ll tell you.

I have been involved in UKIP since the day it was founded –  25 years ago.  My motivations are the same as everyone in UKIP. They are as follows:

I want to live in a United Kingdom that is a free, sovereign, independent, democratic nation.  Outside the EU – I want to live in a UK where we work  to grow and strengthen the bonds of our historic Union.

I don’t want to live in a nation where our laws are made somewhere else. Which is why, as part of UKIP, I have campaigned for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.  I want to live under laws made by our own democratically elected Parliament, led by a government elected by the British people and answerable to the people through the ballot box.   I want to live in a UK governed under our own statute and Common Law – not in a nation governed by Rules, Regulations and Directives from a foreign power.

I want to live in a United Kingdom that has restored its traditional liberties and freedoms. For example: The freedom from arbitrary arrest and imprisonment – liberties now set aside under such EU legal instruments as the European Arrest Warrant.

I would like to live in a nation that restores the best of our British legal and political traditions and uses them protect our own people; while moving forward to embrace global trade, friendship and co-operation with all the nations of the World, where it is in our national interest.

I want to live in a country where we have free speech and can talk about ideas, ideologies and practices – without fear of infringing so-called ‘hate-speech’ laws and a visit from the thought-police.

Apparently, if you want any of these things –  it now makes you ‘hard-right’ – at least as designated by some of our political opponents and some in the mainstream media.   And of course, if you dare to speak out about the Dark Age ideology rapidly gaining ground in Britain –  then you will certainly be called uncomplimentary names.

The many thousands of people who have joined and worked for UKIP in the past 25 years across the United Kingdom, and the many thousands who will join in the coming months and years, all believe in the things above.  The fact that we are being labelled means that we are once again making progress.
Far from being ‘done’ as certain naysayers have commented, UKIP’s job in all corners of this nation has only just begun.



-3200 members joined UKIP nationally last month, marginally more than joined the previous month. The surge in membership shows no signs of abating
-In line with the national growth; UKIP in Northern Ireland has just had its most successful month of recruitment in approaching three years.
-A 33% Rise in local Membership in four weeks.

-Ten members have joined the local branch so far this week and further applications are being processed by HQ now. 
-We will be fielding candidates across NI in the Council Elections next year.
-We have several new events on the horizon and some news coming soon.
-We held a successful and packed event with Gerard Batten in Belfast on the 25th September. This event was essentially a relaunch of UKIP in Northern Ireland and a new policy document will be made available soon.  (Gerard will be returning for another visit soon. Several new members, and some former local candidates have joined back up as a result of this event.)

Border debates & mixed messages won’t strengthen Union- Joining UKIP will #ForTheNation







Navel Gazing, Border Poll debates, re-hashed slogans and mixed messages won’t strengthen the union. Coming on board with thousands of others by joining UKIP will. We are making a stand #ForTheNation in each part of it.  As the DUP has another conversation with itself over the potential for a border poll – the United Kingdom is looking towards a brighter future – stronger than it has ever been. 

Commenting, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said: 

“The latest row within the DUP over whether or not to aid their former partners in Government and its fellow Irish Republicans in their dream of a United Ireland rumbles on.  They are using the pages of the local papers to have an internal debate about ‘potential preparations for a border poll.’  The fact remains however that Irish Republicans promised their end goal would be achieved by 2016 –  and It simply hasn’t happened. It looks further away than ever before.

“The most important bonds and ties we hold are the ones we share across the UK. Our Union is growing stronger- and once we’re able to embark upon a future free from the clutches of the failing European Union; we’ll be an independent, sovereign and much more capable nation on the world stage than at any point in recent memory.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“UKIP is growing locally and rapidly throughout the UK. We’re the party for the United Kingdom and we have hard-working members and activists everywhere in the UK.  The discussion that UKIP and confident UK Unionism will be having  is: How will we strengthen the bonds of our historic Union of nations? 

“In terms of the previous topic: the question that should be asked is: What are Irish Nationalists and Republicans doing to prepare for the fact that there won’t be a United Ireland? Does the appetite for that well-worn discussion even exist South of the border? The evidence would tend to suggest not.

Instead – What about the potential for the Irish Republic re-entering the British Commonwealth in future? 

“Let the DUP and the other legacy parties continue to dupe with the re-hashed slogans, mixed messages and the hollow promises they’re famous for – or help to strengthen the union and bring about long-term future change for the nation;  by joining the fastest growing movement in UK politics: UKIP.”

UKIP surge in membership continues nationally and locally  

UKIP Rise in membership continues nationally and locally  

Six months ago we were told by the media and by our detractors that UKIP was on life-support. What a difference a few months makes. 
Nationally, under the leadership of Gerard Batten MEP – the party membership is the strongest and most active  it has been in almost three years. 

 Just last month, 3200 members joined UKIP across the UK. This is the third month of continuous growth and it’s a trend that’s expected to continue.

We are no exception locally. During the course of the past four weeks-our membership has risen in Northern Ireland by 33%! Rather than being finished here, we have only started.

Our clear and unambiguous message  is beginning to filter through locally – as evidenced by our recent event with Gerard Batten in Belfast and our two most recent days of action in Newtownards and Bangor. People are fed up of being taken for granted.

People who have never been involved in politics before, people from other parties, former UKIP members and supporters have joined recently. Mechanics, Scientists, local business owners, proud veterans, stay at home mothers, doctors and students are just some of the talented activists who have enrolled in the people’s army lately.

Those of us who have stayed loyal to UKIP’s core principles through thick and thin as volunteers and activists know that the work has only begun in earnest.  

With a united team, renewed focus, clear vision and free of unnecessary distractions  – UKIP will run a full slate of dedicated candidates in the local elections in Northern Ireland next year to give the people here a genuine alternative to the overpaid, work-shy legacy parties who continue to fund their lifestyles and take taxpayer’s money for very little graft.

Those wedded to a Government hell-bent on betraying the democratic wishes of the people know that they owe quite a few  votes to  the 350,000 patriots who voted leave here in Northern Ireland.

Our message to each and every one of you is clear:  UKIP is the authentic party of Brexit and is the one true voice for the patriotic working people across this nation . Make a stand and Join us.

Back Batten, vote UKIP, save Brexit, Save Britain. 🇬🇧

By Paul Girvan – UKIP Regional Controller (Northern Ireland)

Dear Home Secretary: Robinson was improperly treated in the name of political expediency

Dear Home Secretary,

In light of yesterday’s Court of Appeal judgement regarding the Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson) case, I am writing to ask that you take whatever steps are necessary to initiate an immediate investigation into the conduct of Judge Geoffrey Marson QC, the presiding judge in the case that saw Mr Yaxley-Lennon wrongly imprisoned for “contempt of court” in proceedings whose nature have been roundly criticised by the Lord Chief Justice.

From the day of his arrest, I and many others saw the treatment of Mr Yaxley-Lennon as a politically-motivated abuse of the law of this land and of our criminal justice processes. His treatment appeared to us to be another clear-cut attempt to deflect attention away from what is obviously (for you and the rest of our political establishment class) a politically inconvenient subject, in the hope that its true scale might be hidden from a public whose patience has already been severely tested.

It is clear from the Court of Appeal judgement that he was improperly tried, wrongly imprisoned and, as a result of being wrongly categorised – improperly treated in prison.

The inescapable conclusion is that all of this was the result of political bias and expediency, not the fair and proper administration of justice.

We demand that an end is put to the creeping politicisation of our criminal justice system and that all of those who are unable to exhibit impartiality before the law are removed from all judicial offices and other positions of influence.

Yours faithfully

Keith Lonsdale
UKIP Regional Secretary (Northern Ireland)

Join UKIP to ensure true Brexit is delivered

What a pity Lord Owen’s understanding (the telegraph 30.7-page 4) of the public’s depth of feeling against the EU is not shared by the politicians who are charged with Brexit.
Many leavers who had joined UKIP –  returned to their mainstream parties in the last election in the belief that these politicians had seen the light, and would pursue a leave agenda as promised. – Job done.
Now we find their conversion was entirely bogus, and through the tactics of scare (part two) –   they believe they can force us into a deal which leaves us still under the control of Brussels, the immigration rules, and the ECJ.

The same tactic which forced David Cameron to promise a referendum can be employed to ensure Mrs May gets a proper leave deal, or preferably no deal (WTO) and no payment –  i.e. join UKIP.

Mrs May will very quickly get the messsage in the polls that betrayal of the wishes of the electorate will lead to annihilation of the conservative party, and perhaps the two party system.
Opinion piece by UKIP Member, James Russell,  
(Join UKIP today via this link)

Persecution of Sgt. O and NI veterans needs to stop

Commenting on the unjust persecution of Sergeant O. and the continued witch hunt against Northern Ireland veterans relating to events that occurred thirty or forty years ago, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:


“Many brave ex-servicemen who served their country so faithfully – and put their lives on the line decades ago to defend us against the evil of IRA terrorism, continue to be unfairly hounded to the extreme – to simply appease the narrow agenda of Sinn Fein and others. These men who were young men at the time are now in their sixties and seventies.

“Sergeant O – previously awarded a medal for bravery is now a disabled widower who only lost his wife several months ago, and has been left in limbo for many years. 

 While Sgt. O has been hounded over fallen masonry; IRA terrorists have received comfort letters, Belfast Agreement amnesty and early release, and in certain cases – even if convicted of murder, are guaranteed a maximum sentence of merely two years.”

“Isn’t it the cruelest of ironies that Sgt. O and many others are being targeted in this way, in what is a clear witch hunt – whilst many of the murderers they defended us against walked free years ago. The constant unjust persecution of Sergeant O – and indeed all veterans must stop.”

UKIP is once again calling on the Government to act to STOP THE WITCH HUNT against our brave Veterans.