UKIP calls for change in NI law to report all cases of FGM

UKIP calls for change in NI law to require all medical professionals to report cases of FGM

‘Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is defined by the NHS as ‘a procedure where the female genitals are deliberately cut, injured or changed, but where there’s no medical reason.’

This barbaric and needless torture is now not something happening in far-off lands, but is happening here and now.  FGM is common practice in African nations and the Middle-East and is usually performed on naive children aged 5-8 year olds. Estimates indicate 130 million suffer worldwide. The NHS estimates there are 137,000 cases across the UK.

We in Northern Ireland have not escaped this blight – with figures obtained by the BBC through a recent freedom of information request showing 17 recent cases in the Belfast trust area alone in  9 months on women aged between 24 – 46.

Commenting on this, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“This practice cannot be allowed to continue.  FGM is rightly illegal in the UK, and in England –  medical professionals are required to report all such cases:  But through yet another failure of the legacy parties and the Stormont Assembly  –  this does not apply in Northern Ireland.”

“It’s truly appalling to think that when people come to our so called civilised country to escape persecution in their home countries –  many are then subjected to this,  needlessly disfigured and scarred both physically and mentally for life.

“UKIP demand a change in the current law to require all medical professionals in Northern Ireland to report these cases to the PSNI –  and for the PSNI to act, to fully investigate the cases and bring these evil torturers to justice.”

If you are suffering or know someone who is suffering –  the NSPCC has a specialist FGM support line : 0800 028 3550

Robinson’s remarks were wrong and unhelpful for Unionism

Commenting on recent remarks from the former First Minister of Northern Ireland – Peter Robinson, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“Peter Robinson’s revealing remarks  that ‘we should prepare for a United Ireland’ were unhelpful for Unionism and totally wrong. The praise he has received from Irish Republicans and Scottish Nationalists since prove this.

“We should not forget the discrimination faced by Protestants and non-Irish speakers in parts of the Irish Republic – and the race to create an all-encompassing Irish language act here is no coincidence today.   Mr. Robinson’s long-standing nickname of ‘Peter the Punt’ ( referring to the old Irish currency ) has proven to be very relevant today.

“When remarks bring smiles to the faces of those that wish to break up our great Union of nations: How can you genuinely claim that you are furthering the cause of the Union?  Was capitulation to Irish Republicans Robinson’s long-term aim for the DUP?    Is it still their goal? A statement from their leader, Arlene Foster would be helpful.

Foster seems to be saying very little on this issue or indeed Mrs. May and the ‘Olly Robbins led’ Government’s continued white-paper sell-out on Brexit. Where are you Arlene?”

“The only United Ireland any true UK Unionist should even contemplate is one under British rule.”

Gerard Batten in NI: UKIP is the party for the United Kingdom

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP addressed a packed UKIP event in Belfast   on Wednesday evening (25th July.) An excellent evening was had by all and the local party is in great health.

Robert Hill, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland commented:

“Membership is rising in Northern Ireland, we’ve had an almost a 30% growth in the last month. In line with the party on the mainland, this growth will continue – especially when Theresa May and all of those who support her continue to betray the democratic wishes of the people. Morale has lifted and our united UKIP team – with a  sense of mission will go towards next years council elections giving the people of Northern Ireland a real alternative to the backwards and failing legacy parties.”

On his visit – UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP said:

“UKIP is the authentic party of Brexit and the party that’s standing up for the working people of this nation, in all four corners of it. We are up in the polls and our membership is growing rapidly.

“Locally, It’s great to see the party revived in Northern Ireland. We have hard-working activists who are putting in the groundwork and preparing to fly the UKIP flag in next years council elections. Across the United Kingdom, we are back on track and going from strength to strength.”

18 months without Stormont: NI Secretary should call time now on charade of full MLA pay 


MLA pay has cost the taxpayer more than £9m since Stormont was suspended 18 months ago. Secretary of State Bradley must act now to call time on the charade of full MLA pay.

Six months ago, the Government received advice that full MLA pay should be cut. Four months ago, Parliament gave NI Secretary – Karen Bradley authority to cut MLA pay immediately.  Despite constant assurances, no action has been taken.

Commenting on this, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“For eighteen months, the people of Northern Ireland have had no fully functioning Assembly and executive, yet MLAs are still getting full-time pay for a job they are only partly doing. To date, this has cost the taxpayer over nine million pounds. Where else would this be acceptable?

“Many people across Northern Ireland are scraping by on lower incomes by working full time hours and in many cases – in temporary jobs with no long-term security.

“It is therefore another warped Stormont situation where we’ve had no functioning Assembly or Executive – yet ninety MLAs are still paid handsome full-time salaries and expenses; for the privilege of not carrying out the most basic function(s) of their job.

“Would an electrician, builder or mechanic get full pay if they downed tools for eighteen months?

“The answer is no. Yet it would appear that there’s a different rule for taxpayer funded MLAs who have spent just 46 minutes inside the Chamber they were elected to in those eighteen months. It’s unjustifiable for this practice to continue.”

Mr. Hill added:         

“We’re again calling on the Secretary of State to bring an end to her campaign of dithering and to take action by ending this charade of full MLA pay.”

“However, we believe that Her Majesty’s Government should go further and call time on this antiquated,  flawed and  expensive model of legislative devolution which has long since run its course. It’s time to look towards other models for the future Governance of Northern Ireland. Over the coming weeks, UKIP will be outlining our thoughts on this.”


Brexit was the beginning – it’s time for a people’s revolution

Brexit was the beginning – it’s time for a people’s revolution

Today,  ‘liberal-left’ or ‘progressive’ ideas are all pervasive, whilst the ‘Conservative’ Party and its allies fail to defend or preserve anything. The organic social, spiritual, legal and economic institutions have been compromised and undermined in the name of vague and often conflicting promises of prosperity and equality.  This, whilst a global, ideological elite rule the roost: Dominating much of Europe with little accountability.

People have witnessed the rise of an ‘elite class’ –  a network of hyper-connected business, banking and tech tycoons and billionaires who bankroll and control NGO’s, larger political parties and governments like puppets on a string. Often times, celebrities and much of the modern mainstream media are their mouthpieces that read the scripts and trot out their talking points – word for word. (Someone refers to this as fake news..)

What remains has in many instances been filled by little more than blind consumerism, broken communities and social, spiritual and moral decline.  

Something is beginning to change though. In 2016 –  17.4 Million of us believed in the strength of our own nation and voted to take back control of our laws, land and borders from the monolithic E.U. and its paymasters.  In 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected as U.S. President on a promise of putting the American people first. (He is actually delivering on manifesto pledges – so clearly not reading from their script..)

There have been other notable developments too: We’ve seen the beginnings of a growth in patriotic populist movements in Europe. One example of this can be found in Germany – where the AfD has come from nowhere in four years,  to  become Germany’s opposition party. Another example is in Italy – possibly the biggest political earthquake to date, when the League and the Five Star Movement formed the new ruling coalition –  ‘the People’s Government’ on a promise to put Italy First. There are other examples too which prove that across Europe; many people are beginning to waken up to the realities of the world we are now living in.

Brexit started it all, but the very same people are still in power and they will do anything possible to deny us the freedoms which we democratically achieved at the ballot box. Mrs. May’s Chequers ‘White Paper’ is proof (if it was ever needed) that they may  allow us to leave in name –  but not in reality. Despite what the BBC will tell you –  the surge in UKIP support during the last few weeks is evidence that people know exactly what they voted for two years ago, and they will not be denied it.  Leave Means Leave, Brexit means total EU exit: Those are not just slogan’s.  However, Brexit is only the first chapter in the fight for freedom. 

At every level of government, and even within our education system –  in schools and campuses across the country; it’s clear that free speech is under attack. In a true democracy, when someone finds another’s ideas and opinions disagreeable, the solution ought to be a proper debate.  Yet instead of trying to persuade others to see their point of view –  many within society prefer to use the institutions of Government to censor, or hide behind absurd legal threats to bully their opponents into silence. Efforts like this are designed to stamp out meaningful debate and chill contrasting opinions.

In a United Kingdom context, UKIP is the one party dedicated to protecting freedom of speech and association for every person—no matter who they are or how much money they have. You don’t have to always agree with someone to recognise that they have a right to an opinion.  

As has been evidenced by the 2014 European elections, by the referendum result in 2016 and more recently, with the surge in UKIP membership and support – UKIP is a genuine political threat to the establishment across this nation: A threat that once again sits on 8% nationally (and growing), it’s highest vote share for almost two years. 

Brexit was round one. Surely it’s now time that we finished the job and had a people’s political revolution of our own?



May’s white paper surrender threatens Brexit & integrity of our Union

It is incomprehensible that the border issue has been allowed, never mind tolerated as a pawn in the Brexit Barter stakes.

When the Prime Minister committed to the pernicious ‘back stop’ arrangement, the writing was on the wall. The clear intention to sacrifice our historic partitioned border was a hurtful, spiteful and nasty piece of work.

Now it sits as an alternative to a customs union border set in the Irish Sea. Mrs. May – in her hot pursuit of brokering any sort of deal with Brussels has conceded in her White Paper that Northern Ireland is the weakest link.

‘The threat of a border in the Irish sea not only remains, but is rising’ is how Ben Lowry (News Letter) spelt it out last Saturday.

Be in no doubt that in welcoming our Government throwing in the towel – Leo Varadkar is not indicating that the Irish will withdraw their grip hold on the border. Far from it.

As a direct consequence of the Prime Minister pushing a softer than soft version of Brexit – as evidenced by her rolling over to the darling remainer elitists – and abandoning true control of our borders; she will vote for driving a customs border into the Irish Sea.

The ‘Brexit means Brexit’ call by the vicars daughter has turned into a disgraceful deceit. Such duplicity now sees her true Brexit mandate a demoralised busted flush – as demonstrated in a Sky poll reporting that a whopping 63% do not trust Mrs. May to deliver the Brexit they voted for.

As the Daily Telegraph editorial commented on the White Paper, ‘there is a looming sense of a sell-out.’

No longer can leavers believe that this Prime Minister will fight to achieve a true Brexit. No longer can Unionism be confident that this Conservative and ‘Unionist’ P.M. will protect our border and maintain its jurisdiction as the property of the United Kingdom.


The Chequers white paper is the epitome of a very ‘bad deal’ and is a massive climbdown- capitulating to  whatever Brussels dictates.

Gone are the red-lines including control of our borders. Who would have thought that a British Prime Minister’s future rests not with her party, not with the people, but is entirely left in the hands of the E.U.  in Brussels.

Unless Theresa May is replaced quickly by someone willing and able to save Brexit and willing to uphold the integrity of our Great Union; then who will save Northern Ireland from the border transferring by stealth to Irish control under E.U. dictation?


Opinion piece by David McNarry

Former UKIP MLA & Leader in NI

Mrs. May has betrayed 17.4M people, that’s how history will remember her

Right from the moment Theresa May was installed as Tory Leader, after all of the other candidates were bullied and cajoled out of the running,  and the ordinary members denied a vote (which wouldn’t have been for her), I’ve stated my belief that she was installed to frustrate Brexit and keep us either in the EU, or tied as closely as possible to it whilst maintaining the façade of leaving.


The ‘big turd’ (to quote the  former Foreign Secretary) she presented at Chequers has cemented this belief –  and it was further vindicated by the resignation of Brexit Secretary, David Davis, and others.
Mr Davis made clear at the time that the proposed position does not satisfy the Tory’s own manifesto pledges (upon which May’s government were re-elected) and is very bad for the country as a whole.
As has been the case throughout her ministerial career, May has ignored the wishes of the British people and instead acted in the interests of the corporate globalists who pull her strings (whoever they might be..)  

May has lied to and betrayed us all and that is how history will remember her.


By Keith Lonsdale

UKIP Northern Ireland – Regional Secretary

May’s Chequers plan isn’t Brexit, it’s surrender

Before the lights are switched off by the Prime Minister; blanking out the people’s right to their democratic decision on Brexit: Will someone spell out how the Government White Paper benefits Northern Ireland?

The (Chequers) plan is to put us into a trade zone; supposedly neutral to the U.K. , Ireland and the E.U. by way of a fanciful facilitated ‘customs arrangement’ which magically removes customs checks and controls.

The falsehood woven into the duplicitous Downing Street spin is that this is going to ‘protect the Union.’  In fact what it will achieve will be a red-tape tariff collectors bureaucratic nightmare.

This isn’t ‘taking back control.’ No, Mrs. May has rolled over and sold out control of the border by handing over control to the E.U. and effectively the Irish Government. Are the DUP seriously supporting this strategy?

They appear to have bought into the ‘common rule-book’ contraption which places our agri-food business into harmonisation; conforming to and absolutely within E.U. rules. This prevents producers making trade deals outside the E.U.

David Davis is far from being alone in concluding that this white paper will not benefit the U.K. in any respect whatsoever.  He correctly asserts that the proposals are unworkable.

His stance is gaining momentum as people wake up to the white paper really being the hoisting of the white flag in total surrender to the E.U.

This is no longer Brexit,  it is Flexit –  leaving the U.K. wide open to Brussels demanding more concessions from a weakened British Prime Minister.

Opinion Piece by David McNarry

Former UKIP MLA & Leader in NI

People are awakening to the deceit of the mainstream & are joining UKIP

Throughout the United Kingdom, people are awakening to the lies and deceit of mainstream political parties and their cohorts in the media. 

Ordinary people, some never before interested in politics have become angered by attacks on free speech and the gagging of anyone who dares to speak against the current hard left and Cultural Marxist agenda. 

We, the people are sick of the lies and double speak. We are tired of waiting for our democratically achieved EU Exit to be honoured and delivered in full. 

The grassroots of this nation have awoken and many are joining UKIP throughout our lands.
It is no different here in Northern Ireland, with a fantastic 10% rise in membership over the last month alone. 

No matter if you are new to politics or a seasoned campaigner frustrated with the dithering mainstream; now is the time for you to join our movement and help lead our great country towards the freedom and prosperity it deserves.

Help us take control of our Country back now and join the authentic party for Brexit and the party for the people of this country, in all corners of it. Stand up for the nation and join UKIP.

Robert Hill 

UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland