.@UKIP EU’s blatant interference in internal UK matters unacceptable 

The European Commission’s draft document and the EU’s blatant attempts to directly interfere in the internal affairs of the United Kingdom should demonstrate to all the the bare-faced ignorance of the unaccountable bureaucrats who wield power and influence in the corridors of power in Brussels.

As evidenced by Mr. Verhofstadt’s speech; this was clearly an outrageous attempted power grab by the EU. It’s totally unacceptable and will understandably be resisted by the 17.4M leave voters across the United Kingdom, (including 350,000 here in Northern Ireland) and likely many more than that.

Constitutionally, economically and politically, this is one United Kingdom; so there should be no divergence or ‘pick n’ mix’ approach to our EU exit. We joined the Common Market together and then voted to leave the EU as one United Kingdom. We will completely leave the EU formally as one nation.

It did not say on the ballot paper: “Does NI or Scotland or England or Wales wish to leave or remain?”  The question was about the entirety of our Union: The United Kingdom.”

If you look close enough; this is an attempt by those who wish to dilute the sovereignty of our nation and break it up by stealth. This attempt to essentially annexe Northern Ireland is backed up and wholeheartedly endorsed by the EU and its global cheerleaders who wish to punish the UK after ‘Brexit’ and save their rapidly failing political project.

This interference in the business of a Sovereign Nation State is another crystal-clear example of why 17.4 Million people voted to leave the EU and will be glad to finally see the back of it.

Jones Questions Armagh £30M Spend


Upper Bann UKIP has expressed its concern at a £30m proposal for a Leisure Village at Armagh.

Said Councillor David Jones,

“I find this totally wrong to lose our Leisure Centre in Portadown, an important amenity for the community, for one in Craigavon while Armagh, with a much lower population is having the same amount spent on it on refurbishment. I have to ask where is the equality between rate payers of Portadown and Armagh. Remember the Portadown facility could have been up graded like Armagh

We ask does this seem fair for the rate payers of Portadown?

We feel not!

While UKIP continues in its opposition to the Craigavon Development is it not time the local ratepayers made their feelings known to other local Councillors or will it be a case of not missing something till it’s gone?

We feel it’s time ABC Council had a rethink on the Craigavon Leisure Centre proposal and would ask them even at this late stage to do so.

Jones Demands to Know – Over or not?

Are the Stormont talks over or not? Some think they are others say they’re not.

Taking into account events over this past few weeks, deals done, not done, side deals done, no side deals, it is
probably no wonder most people are disinterested or disgusted at what has happened, or hasn’t happened.

Some thirteen months on and after all that has gone before no one is saying for definite if Direct Rule will come in. Certainly the Secretary of State, like her predecessor does not appear to be moving too quickly.

So that leaves us in a kind of limbo. MLA’s being paid. The two Parties in the talks process now arguing from the sideline while hospital waiting
Lists grow, school budgets cannot be agreed, changes to health and after care cannot be made and the pot holes in your roads are not being repaired.

The irony is Westminster, the mother of all parliaments is allowing NI to be governed like a banana republic.

The DUP with its new found influence with the Government and promising extra money for health still hasn’t delivered.

Is it not time the DUP were acting on behalf of the unionist population rather than continuing to react?

Allegation and counter allegation have been made between the DUP and SF. Were they close to an agreement and the DUP pulled back from the brink and if so why was such an agreement on the ILA even contemplated?

We believe everyone will be watching with interest what transpires in the coming days.

We say to the DUP now watch your step. The voters will not take kindly to being DUPed. Many DUP Councillors, MLA’s and MP’s frequently display bouts of untold arrogance. Your current position is only afforded to you in trust. Betray that trust and those days will be numbered.

We must move Northern Ireland forward and not be held back by those whose only desire is a United Ireland.

Ban old people from voting – who next?

As we celebrate 100 years since women got the vote, some are now suggesting that we ban old people from voting.

A new student campaign group for the “under 55 population” has been launched with the purpose of undoing the result of the EU referendum. Yesterday, the founder of ‘Our Future, Our Choice’, Femi Oluwole, told Sky News why he believes that Brexit, which was the largest democratic mandate in British history, should be stopped.
Oluwole suggested that the process of leaving the EU would still be ongoing in 2023, by which time he claimed there would be more Remain voters than Leave – suggesting enough older, pro-Brexit voters would have died to swing public opinion the other way, effectively just echoing what Nick Clegg, the former Liberal Democrat leader, said back in September of last year.
Shortly after the interview with Sky News, Oluwole posted on his Twitter: “Brexit voters may still be around, but the Brexit majority will be dead.”
Responding Oluwole’s comments, Dr Julia Reid MEP, one of UKIP’s founding members, had this to say: “Firstly, he makes a huge mistake in assuming that the ‘Remain vote’ still has the full support of those who voted remain during the June 2016 EU referendum.
“Prior to the referendum the then-chancellor, George Osborne, warned that a vote to leave the year would plunge us into a year-long recession and up to 820,000 jobs would be lost.
“As a consequence of

“Prior to the referendum the then-chancellor, George Osborne, warned that a vote to leave the year would plunge us into a year-long recession and up to 820,000 jobs would be lost.
“As a consequence of
‘Project Fear, many of the remain voters were actually ‘Reluctant Remainers’, as we call them. I know of one woman, who wanted to vote Leave, however, she ended up voting Remain, because the night before voting-day her brother visited her to say he’d lose his job if the UK voted for Brexit. Funnily enough, the unemployment rate dropped to a 42-year low instead.

“My second point is that Oluwole’s argument
is not only anti-democratic, it’s also rather distasteful
, and shows utter disdain for the over 55 population, many of whom are actually the same people who once voted to remain in the EEC during the 1975 referendum. The same people who eventually corrected their mistake when they were given a second opportunity more than 40 years later.
In effect, what people like Oluwole and Clegg are actually saying, is that older people’s votes shouldn’t count because some of them may not live long enough to witness their votes come to fruition.

“So what’s their suggestion then?
Ban all people over the age of 55, approximately 30% of the UK population, a sizeable proportion of whom will have fought, and lived through, WW2, from voting altogether? Hardly democratic”.
“Fortunately democracy doesn’t work that way.”

Recreational habits of vapers

UKIP Northern IrelandPublic Health England wants e-cigarettes to be made available on prescription. The agency wants them to be prescribed on the NHS within the next few years because of how successful they have been at helping people to quit smoking.

However, Dr Julia Reid MEP, UKIP’s former health spokesperson, believes that there are wiser ways the NHS should be spending what money it has.

“NHS services are closing, beds are being cut and our hospitals are running understaffed. We need to be looking at more ways in which we can save the NHS money, not looking at more ways to spend money that we don’t have to spare.

“According to their report, Public Health England has said that around 20,000 people a year are quitting smoking with the help of e-cigarettes, and that’s genuinely great to hear. However, this great feat was achieved without e-cigarettes being available on prescription.

“At the end of the day, e-cigarettes are already considerably cheaper than normal smoking, so for your average smoker, there is already a huge financial incentive to quit smoking and switch to vaping and e-cigarettes instead. Why should the ordinary hardworking taxpayer have to subsidise people’s recreational habits?

“You also have to remember that e-cigarettes and vapers are not medicines and are not regulated or marketed as such. We still don’t know really what the long-term effects of vaping and smoking e-cigarettes are.It was only fairly recently that Diacetyl was banned in e-liquids and e-cigarettes in the UK after it was discovered that the chemical was linked to a type of lung damage referred to as ‘popcorn lung’.

With regards to today’s e-liquids and e-cigarettes, researchers have also found evidence which suggests that nicotine inhaled from e-cigarettes could potentially be converted into chemicals that damage DNA in the heart, lungs, and bladder, however, it’s probably going to need many more years of research before we get a better idea of what the potential long-term side effects may are, if there are any at all.

“Right now, it looks significantly safer than smoking normal cigarettes, however, it’s still early days. Remember, years ago, when a company tried selling lettuce cigarettes, as a safer alternative, at the time a thoracic surgeon said, ‘It took us decades to establish a link between smoking tobacco and cancer without us inhaling something else’, so we should approach the alternatives with a great deal of caution.”

Lack of concern by Amber Rudd on Far Left Groups

UKIP Northern IrelandIn his previous email to the home secretary regarding the far-left group known as “Antifa”, Keith Lonsdale UKIP Northern Ireland reminded that the definition of “terrorism” is contained in Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2000. Suggesting Amber Rudd  must surely be fully conversant with that definition.

Today we see a number of prominent news outlets reporting that another far-left, anti-Brexit extremist group, “the Real 48%”, has embarked upon a campaign of issuing death threats and other intimidation to people who they see as prominent members of the pro-Brexit camp and a number of Brexit campaign donors. These stories appear to be credible.

When can we expect a statement from the Home Secretary in regard to the increasingly violent and extreme nature of the anti-Brexit far-left?

Amber Rudd has spoken a number of times on the supposed threat from the far right, which many would say is in reality all but non-existent in the UK but, despite the fact that proven instances of violence, intimidation and criminal damage by far-left groups are far more numerous and frequent, you have barely given them a mention.

Threatening to kill people with the intention of changing the direction of British politics is, I believe, a terrorist act.

When can we expect to see the Home Secretary take decisive action against these groups?

To Amber Rudd I ask the question again, is your lack of mention, let alone action, indicative that the activities of these far-left, anarchic groups suit your own political objectives i.e to thwart our exit from the EU?


Keith Lonsdale UKIP


UKIP sees merit in our vision and strongly urges the Education Authority to consider our proposal.


As a Political Party UKIP is much centred on the role of education for all our young people.

We believe in parental choice and providing the best resources and facilities as close to the community as possible.

Taking these principles into account, on careful examination, we must state our concerns as what we consider to be fundamentally flawed proposals from the Education Service for Lurgan children. We cannot accept the notion of bussing children from Lurgan to Portadown will anyway enhance their education, in fact we feel it will have the opposite.

We have seen alternative proposals as put forward by the group Education Equality for Lurgan and on examination we do believe they have merit and should be part of this current debate. We would caution the Education Board to seriously consider the proposals and not to dismiss them out of hand.

The best form of education is when the educators, parents and the community work together. Sadly there appears to have been reluctance by the educators to take into account what parents and the local community are saying. There is an opportunity now for a mulit-functional facility that would bring together education, sports and the young people in their local community. There is an opportunity to provide a facility not only fit for purpose today but into the future years. We would ask serious consideration be given to the Education Equality for Lurgan`s proposals. The young people are those who are important. Let us make sure we do not let them down.

Cllr David Jones CQSW, Dip.SW

Kilroot – Security of Supply

UKIP Northern IrelandThe closure of Kilroot power station will remove at a stroke 36% of the electricity generation capacity within the province. This in itself is a threat to the continuation of supply to our homes. We must always remind ourselves of the comment “They haven’t gone away you know” when accessing and future electricity supply requirements. Any cross border link is simply a target for those who have no interest in the success of business or any other aspects of Northern Ireland.

At a time when the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is promoting the concept of America first it simply does not make sense to export jobs to another country which is precisely what this closure of Kilroot will do. We cannot afford to lose the estimated 270 jobs not least because of the loss of the skills involved before we even begin to consider the devastating effect on the families involved.

Kilroots problem stems from the fact it failed to land a contract to supply the new integrated single electricity market (ISEM). Should we ask why? In 1992 AES Corporation, in its first investment outside of the United States, purchased Kilroot. From then the healthy profits left these shores destined for the American company. Were the profits excessive and could this  explain why Kilroot could not compete within this new unified market, were the Northern Ireland consumers paying over the odds for their electricity.

Could it be that Jenny Piper, the Utility Regulator Chief Executive, sat on her hands while Ulsters consumers paid more than the needed to and is perhaps a contributing factor to the downfall of Kilroot. Electricity cost needed to be kept in line for the benefit of the Northern Ireland consumer not AES.

Antifa is a terrorist organisation

UKIP Northern Ireland has reminded the Home Secretary of the definition of terrorism within the meaning of UK law is made clear in Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2000, suggesting that she is fully conversant with that definition.

The behaviour of the anarchist and violent far-left group of political activists known as “Antifa” falls into several categories of that definition on a near daily basis, both in the UK and in other parts of the (predominantly western) World.

Given the considerable catalogue of well documented and evidenced instances of their “terrorist” behaviour, why have you so far failed to proscribe this organisation, when you have proscribed others for far less?

Could it be that “Antifa’s” activities suit the Home Secretary’s political objectives?