Homes fit for ISIS is sick and self-destructive

Richard Bingley, UKIP’s spokesman on Terrorism said: “The discovery that the Government is considering, under Operation Constrain, using the hard pressed social housing stock to encourage ISIS terrorists to give up their Jihad against our society must be opposed at all levels.

Terrorism is not something that can be bribed out of somebody. If somebody is radicalised enough to wish to kill innocent civilians, then it is the height of irresponsibility to offer them housing at the heart of the very same communities they desire to maim and murder. British officials working on this scheme should take a step back and ask themselves why they joined the security agencies in the first place. Was it to save British lives or wantonly support our destruction? This is a sad scheme designed by officials who, themselves, have crossed a line into extremism and are unable to interpret right from wrong. It’s a tragic week for our country which once led the world in counter-terrorism education. In security terms, we are now the ‘sick man of Europe’. What can we do?

Voters really need to stop nodding back in a Conservative Party which has done more to harm our wonderful country than any outside tyrant could hope to achieve.

The Party of Thatcher and Churchill simply does exist any more. Nor will it ever return. Tory MPs are as soft and incompetent as the officials they direct.

UKIP is the Party of law and order in modern Britain.

Any ISIS supporter returning from the Middle East should be prosecuted and jailed under existing legislation without delay. If existing laws are too weak in areas, which they are, Parliament should urgently pass more effective measures to protect the public. We also need to revoke ECHR obligations immediately (as Theresa May pledged before the 2017 election), and legislate to ban public housing for anybody convicted of terror offences. Only UKIP MPs returned at the next election will achieve this and bring an end to our national self-destruction.

It’s actually difficult to come to terms with the fact that this is being done in our country’s name. I urge any public servants involved in this to find their ethical bearings, to also find courage, and simply say ‘no, I will not be a part of this’.”

An outrageous act of foolishness

Today, commenting on the Government’s latest policy proposal to appease returning Jihadis; UKIP Leader, Henry Bolton condemned it as “an outrageous act of foolishness.”

Writing for Westmonster, he said: 

The idea that British citizens returning from fighting with ISIS should be given help to find jobs and should be given any sort of help with housing might be laughable if it was not a serious proposition..”

His full original article in full can be read at this link:

But where are the Government’s friends, the DUP?

“We in Northern Ireland would like a clear answer from our only representatives inside the House of Commons. There has been public silence on this issue from the Government’s ally – the Democratic Unionist Party.

“Given the fact that many British Army veterans across this United Kingdom – who risked their lives for us are on the streets tonight, homeless: This policy of offering council houses and/or counselling and assistance to returning Jihadi’s is a sick and cruel insult.

“So we put this question directly to the DUP: Will DUP MPs support or veto the Governments crazy new “social housing for returning jihadis” policy? 

The people of Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom more widely have a right to know where DUP MPs stand on this issue.”

Facebook denies ‘listening’ to conversations

Facebook may deny but it is strange how adverts popping up amongst posts bear an uncanny relationship to previous searches made.

Facebook statement “We show ads based on people’s interests and other profile information – not what you’re talking out loud about,” may deny listening in to conversations through smartphones but watching internet searches seems to be another matter.

Costa – Just not in our club


It would appear that sadly, the drip drip disengagement of certain businesses from the Mainland continues here in Ulster. Take as an example an unfortunate customer experience recently in a Costa Coffee outlet within Bloomfield Shopping Centre (in Bangor) on the 27th of October.

The sequence of events is as follows:

A local customer makes a purchase in the aforementioned store, presents a Costa Coffee Club Card and pays, only to be informed that their club card is not valid because “this is a United Kingdom card.” “Well,  this is the United Kingdom” the customer protests. “No, this is an Ireland business.” was the response.

So it would appear that this card – and all other such cards that have previously been used and accrued any credit are now deemed worthless by this national chain here in our small part of the United Kingdom?

Not my fault proclaimed the store manager.  Perhaps not, but clearly someone at Costa HQ has changed their policy here recently as cards such as this have been accepted in this store and other local stores previously.

It is little wonder that Unionism feels unease at times when this disengagement by stealth is taking place on our high streets in Northern Ireland. Whether this is by UK wide chains such as Costa and others, or by mainland firms simply refusing to supply local consumers.

It is quite evident that Stormont in its most recent guise has failed to protect our interests in this part of the United Kingdom. Perhaps it is better gone.

Postal discrimination

So often we see the message “Doesn’t deliver to Northern Ireland” when ordering online. Government must address this issue, we are one United Kingdom after all. Folk in the Highlands and islands also suffer in this way. A concerted campaign should be launched to combat this practise which discriminates against those of us on the geographical edges of the UK.  Carriers simply want to cherry pick areas in order to maximize profits.

In addition I understand orders for goods are taken and paid for but never delivered. Eventually, I presume, a refund is issued but that money is sitting in a traders account easing their cashflow.

We need equality of service from the delivery firms.

Channel 4’s ‘My Week As A Muslim’ Provokes Backlash

Channel 4’s recent programme, ‘My Week As A Muslim’ has provoked a furious backlash from Muslims and non Muslims alike.

The documentary went to the lengths of getting a white woman to go undercover in makeup in an attempt to show the prejudice faced by Muslim women. Katie Freeman, who previously supported banning the burqa faced abuse from many non-Muslims, including drinkers in a Manchester pub, asking her whether she planned to blow them up.

But many viewers were left wondering why Channel 4 felt that the way to show this so called Islamophobia was to find a white ‘christian’ woman and put her in a hijab and ‘brownface’ make-up. Many asked pointed questions about why the documentary makers couldn’t have simply given a hidden camera to one of the hundreds of thousands of women in the UK’s 2.7 million-strong Muslim population. If UKIP had done any such thing, or if it had used phrases such as “Whiteface” or “Brownface”, no matter the intellectual justification or accuracy of such terms, there would have been hell to pay, particularly from such outlets as Channel 4 and the Independent that also covered the scandal.

UKIP’s Integration Spokesman John Bickley said: “The programme appeared desperate to prove that ‘Muslim good’, ‘white Christian person bad’. Why didn’t they, in the same programme ‘whiteface’ a female Asian Muslim and put them into a Muslim community, especially one with many males and see what happened? I would wager that given time, similar levels of abuse would have been leveled at the female ‘whiteface’ Muslim as was against the ‘brownface’ woman.

“The most telling part of the programme was when Katie Freeman discussed interfaith marriage with her Muslim lady ‘minder’. Although the Muslim lady was an extremely nice person, British born, she would not countenance the idea of any of her daughters, or for that matter community marrying a non Muslim. There in a nutshell lies the challenge ahead for our country. With the growth of the Muslim population outpacing that of the indigenous white British ‘christian’ community we are heading for parallel societies which can only fill one with deep anxiety about our country’s future social cohesion.”.

UK Population To Go Through The Roof

Immigration will account for three-quarters of population growth over the next 25 years as the number of people living in Britain rises to almost 73 million.

The UK’s population will increase by 7.3m people between 2016 and 2041, a rise equivalent to 11.1 per cent, seven cities the population size of Birmingham. The Office for National statistics (ONS) said that the rise will be driven by direct migration and increasing numbers of migrants having children once settled in the UK. Because migrants are concentrated at young adult ages, the impact of migration on the projected number of women of childbearing age is especially important over this period.

Migration Watch, the immigration watchdog group, suggested that the figures may significantly underestimate the number of migrants coming to the UK.

Lord Green of Deddington, the organisation’s chairman, said: “Given that net migration has averaged about 250,000 a year over the last ten years, the immigration assumption of 165,000 underlying the principal projection is extraordinarily low. This is serious because it will lead to inadequate planning for housing, schools, hospitals and infrastructure – as, indeed, we have seen in recent years. Yet again the ONS have been much too cautious.”

Britain’s population will grow significantly more than EU nations. According to separate statistics produced by Eurostat the UK’s population is forecast to increase by 16 per cent between 2015 and 2040. This would result in a total population of 75 million by 2040, significantly higher than the estimate given by the ONS. Without migration Eurostat estimates the population by 2040 would only be 66.7 million. By contrast France’s population will grow by 10 per cent, Germany’s by 4 per cent and Italy’s will see a slight decline.

UKIP’s Immigration spokesman John Bickley said: “The ONS projections of significant population growth over the next 25 years, seven cities with populations the  size of Birmingham should be a wake up call for the complacent and reckless Labour and Tory parties, who between them have flooded the UK with uncontrolled immigration since the early ’90’s. Worryingly, Migration Watch believes the ONS have grossly underestimated the growth.

When will the British people realise that the established parties have no intention of controlling immigration as they are in hock to ‘big business’ and the corporatist EU which wants to turn the UK in a low wage sweatshop off the coast of Europe

Our public services and housing are already under enormous pressure. Can the government explain how adding another seven ‘Birminghams’, mainly comprised of migrants to our population is sustainable, in the interests of social cohesion and working class wages and living standards?”

Mike Hookem MEP – “Britain’s Fishing Industry Betrayed Again!

Ukip MEP Mike Hookem delivers his speech on defence during the Ukip annual party conference at Doncaster Race Course in Yorkshire. Picture date: Friday September 26, 2014. See PA story POLITICS UKIP Photo credit should read: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire.

UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has blasted a decision by Theresa May’s Conservative government to adopt the terms of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in the forthcoming Great Repeal Bill, saying the decision is “an utter betrayal of principles of Brexit.”

A seething Mr Hookem stormed; “fishing communities from Scotland to Cornwall voted to leave the EU with the single aim of freeing the UK from the shackles of the EU’s hated CFP. However, in one stroke, the Conservatives have once again betrayed our hard-working fishing communities.”

“The inclusion of EU CFP fisheries rules in the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ is realising the worst nightmares of British fishing communities!”

Mr Hookem’s comments came after Environment Minister, George Eustice told MP’s that Britain would leave the CFP on leaving the EU, but said the so-called Great Repeal Bill would carry over EU fisheries regulations.

Speaking from Strasbourg, Mr Hookem said, “how can anyone believe that Brexit will be delivered, when such a fundamental Brexit issue has already been capitulated on?”

“I am in no doubt that the decision to include the terms of the CFP in the fallacy that is Mrs May’s Great Repeal Bill, will quickly come back to haunt her.”

Mr Hookem continued, “After 45 years of the CFP, the British fishing industry is on its knees and desperately needs the boost that the reclamation of our legally recognised 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) would provide.”

“Fishing is an industry worth a potential £6.3 billion to the UK economy post-Brexit, and not to realise that is foolhardy in the extreme.”

“Under the post-Brexit terms the Conservatives are setting out, we will have to blindly follow whatever terms Brussel’s dictates to us on fisheries. This is the worst possible type of ‘soft Brexit’ betrayal imaginable and will leave the UK as a junior underling to a very aggressive EU.

“I am in no doubt that we will see howls of protest from people up and down the land once the scale of this betrayal is understood. The fact is, the British fishing industry is an important part of British heritage to people across our country, not just to those who live and work in coastal communities.

“However, it comes as no surprise. Since the launch of the Conservative manifesto, it has been quite clear that the Conservative would be offering Britain’s fish to Brussels on a plate; something I have been warning of for months.

Bolton adds David Kurten to his top team

Henry Bolton has re-appointed London Assembly member, David Kurten AM to his Shadow Cabinet brief as Spokesman for Education and Apprenticeships.

Mr Bolton said, “By reappointing David into this role my top team nears completion. I am certain that David will continue in his sterling work both on the London Assembly where he has provided serious opposition to Sadiq Khan and in the education field where he will continue work on ensuring our children get the education, training and opportunities they deserve”.
Mr Kurten said,
“I met party leader Henry Bolton yesterday to discuss the role of Education Spokesman and I am happy to say that I will continue in that role.
It is vital to the future of the country after Brexit that our own young people have the skills they need to thrive in this country – this means technical as well as academic skills. While the current government should be have this as their top priority in Education, they are more concerned about pushing politically correct ‘progressive’ ideologies in our schools.
UKIP is the only party which fully supports freedom of speech in our Universities, and will stand up to the left wing indoctrination in our schools, where children are routinely being conditioned to view their own country in a negative manner. In some cases, they are even exposed to EU propaganda.
Every day it seems more likely that Blair, Hammond, Rudd, Clegg, Soubry, Khan and their ilk will get their way and keep us shackled to the EU in some way, so that Brexit will be a departure from the EU in name only. We cannot let that happen, and a strong UKIP is the only political force which can stop them. If we do better than expected in May, it will show the parties now in control of Parliament, that we are still a serious force which can bounce back from the brink, and will force them to think twice before they sell out the country on Brexit.
We have local elections next May, and we have an enormous task to get battle ready in just six months, but we can do it. I will be standing in my local borough in May 2018, and I hope that we can all come together and fight to win.

Brexit is our national security.

UKIP’s new spokesperson for Cyber and Terrorism, has slammed the main UK Parties for deepening Britain’s security ties to the EU, despite the 2016 Brexit vote.

Richard Bingley said:
“UKIP’s new leadership team, represented by a leader and several Shadow Cabinet members, who have served in frontline security roles, will ensure that our public’s safety and security is now prioritised.

“Since 2010, Conservative Party MPs have dismantled our security structures and national resilience, through demoralising cuts and red-tape, inflicted upon every level of our homeland police, armed forces and judiciary.

“At the same time, all UK Parliamentary Parties, have actively embroiled British policing, armed forces and cyber security personnel into expansive EU institutions and turbo-charged, invasive regulation, such as the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation.

“One of the reasons Brexit negotiations have floundered is because both the Tories and Labour have been caught out cheating two audiences; EU Commissioners as well as British voters. The June 2016 Referendum vote was clear: we British don’t want to fund or be subservient to an EU Army, an EU police force or an EU Cyber Command.

“Tory Ministers and Corbyn’s shadows, are desperately trying to hide the scale of their national security sell-out from British voters.

“Whilst at the same time, UK MPs cling on to the delusion that they can play a leading role in the expanding EU Army, police force and cyber command, via taxpayer funded EU committees and councils. Self interest is put before British public safety every time.

“UKIP has a duty to campaign to end our hideous entanglement with Brussels once and for all.

“UKIP will return the politics of national security to honesty and normality. The best way to do this is by a clear, firm and immediate Brexit. Brexit is our national security.”