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Common Fisheries Policy

Stop the Common Fisheries Policy being adopted into UK law post-Brexit. I am today calling on the Government to make the fishing industry a stand-alone entity, outside of the ‘Great… Read more »

Stormont: End Game?

Stormont: End Game? While some in the media and elsewhere hold out the faintest of hopes that the Stormont Assembly and Executive are somehow restored (unchanged) at the end of… Read more »

An outrageous act of foolishness

Today, commenting on the Government’s latest policy proposal to appease returning Jihadis; UKIP Leader, Henry Bolton condemned it as “an outrageous act of foolishness.” Writing for Westmonster, he said:  “The idea… Read more »

Postal discrimination

So often we see the message “Doesn’t deliver to Northern Ireland” when ordering online. Government must address this issue, we are one United Kingdom after all. Folk in the Highlands… Read more »