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NIO, Enemies of the People.

Another step in the appeasement process of Republicans as the NIO have put pressure on that legislation to protect military veterans from prosecution has been dropped from the Queens speech… Read more »

No Sell Out

A photo from yesteryear and seen on a daily basis when we had thousands of Colleagues from across the UK serving in Northern Ireland during operation banner, sadly hundreds lost… Read more »

Study in the USA

Spend a full academic year at an American college or university studying business and/or STEM related subjects. Each year between 50-60 students from Northern Ireland participate in the Study USA… Read more »

Bogus BBC

Bogus BBC bigots hate British Voters. Sometimes a few words of graffiti sum up the feelings of the entire British nation. This was seen on the salubrious setting of the… Read more »

Anti Brexit Thugs

Well done to those who protested Boris in Manchester today throwing objects and breaking every public order law we have … well done folks 🙂 but its brexiteers who are… Read more »

Happy Ulster Day

As we come to the last few weeks of what is hopefully the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations, I would ask all those within power to remember Northern Ireland and… Read more »

Understanding needed.

What is It mainstream politicians cannot seem to understand? They betray the people who voted them into office , they sign surrender deals then join with the mainstream media in… Read more »

Tesco Bag Offends.

Walking through the streets of Newport Wales recently I was shocked and more than a little disturbed to find a lady carrying a Tesco bag. Had I become a snowflake,… Read more »