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Freedom of Speech.

The curtailing of speech – and by extension thought. To diminish the freedoms of a society, it is first necessary to limit the abilities and opportunities of those who would… Read more »

Julian Smith MP.

Julian Smith MP is the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. It is hoped the new Secretary of State for Northern Ireland will take the interests of our Province to… Read more »

Boris Wins

Boris Johnson becomes our Prime Minister Congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming our latest Prime Minister by a considerable margin It is hoped he will fulfil the wishes of 17.5… Read more »

Hong Kong Protests

Before the Cold War had formally come to an end and tanks were moving in on Tiannamen Square, it seemed like democracy, pure and free were prerequisites for economic success…. Read more »

Lets Find Lisa

From @LetsFindLisa This little keyring is my daily reminder of my beautiful sister. Every time I look at it my heart aches. My mind wanders to where she could be,… Read more »

Pension for Terrorism

How is it justifiable that a terrorist can be classified as a victim, and would, therefore, be eligible for a victim’s pension. It’s extremely difficult to comprehend that our (taxpayers)… Read more »

Green Policies Rob the Poor

Yet another superb speaker at UKIP South East Conference, its now the turn of Neil Hamilton AM Neil highlighted the changes in so called Green policies over the years beginning… Read more »