German car manufacturers response to US tariff threat boosts UK Brexit position

Following Donald Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on European car exports to the US Christopher Mills, the UKIP business spokesman has pointed out the positive impact on the UK’s negotiating position over Brexit.

Christopher Mills, the UKIP business spokesman

Mr Mills said,

“It his clear from the way in which European manufacturers have responded that they are committed to low tariffs with their economic partners. What they say about the US counts just as well for the UK.

“Bernhard Mattes, the president of the German car manufacturers association the VDA has said ‘The German car industry has always pushed for the mutual dismantling of tariffs worldwide and for free trade treaties’. Quite so Mr Mattes, quite so”.

Time and time again we see that our Government goes to Brussels with its tail between its legs, begging for scraps from the EU’s table. But if they were only to listen to what people outside Government on the continent are saying they would realise that it is they that hold the cards.

“There is no reason at all that with good will and this strong hand the UK can get an excellent trade deal with the EU, one that would be supported by the vast majority of people and businesses both here and across the channel”, said Mr Mills.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Calls For A Terrorism Memorial Day

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said this today:

Gerard Batten UKIP

“On the anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack and the murder of Lee Rigby, I would like to add my voice,  on behalf of UKIP, to those calling for a Terrorism Memorial Day.

“Over many years we have experienced a growing toll of victims of senseless acts of terrorism from different perpetrators.  It would be fitting to remember all the victims on the same day.

“However, the day should not be used to express passive sentimentality towards these outrages but to focus our minds on the practical measures that need to be taken to combat terrorism and the ideologies that promote it.

“Sadly, the roll call of the innocent victims of terrorism is likely to be added to, however much we hope not, and remembering these people is of no use unless there is a resolve to tackle the causes of terrorism.

“Meanwhile we pay our respects and offer our sympathies to the victims and families of people such as the Manchester bombing and Lee Rigby”.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Responds to BBC Teach Video

Gerard Batten UKIP

“This is pure pro-immigration propaganda.  It begins by laughably citing the Roman, Saxon, Viking and Norman invasions as ‘immigration’.

“This is simplistic propaganda but what it makes it all the more sinister is that it is being paid for by the state-funded propaganda channel, the BBC – paid for by reluctant license holders.

“This polemic is call ‘Teach’ but it would be more accurate to call it ‘Indoctrinate’.

“This is simplistic, deliberate misinformation, and simple brain-washing techniques that the BBC has the bare faced effrontery to produced at tax-payers expense.

“I was long ago convinced that the BBC should lose is Charter and this only reinforces that for me.”

BBC Teach Video