Syria, more evidence needed.

It is being reported in the mainstream media that UK is resisting calls to intervene in Syria, at least until more evidence regarding recent alleged chemical attacks is adduced.

Keith Lonsdale, Secretary UKIP Northern Ireland

This is the correct decision. We have seen this scenario a number of times and on every occasion Syrian government forces have been blamed. However, we have never seen any evidence of their involvement.

The most notable connection between all of these attacks is the presence of the “White Helmets”, a so-called “humanitarian” organisation who civilian witnesses have exposed time and again as members of the terrorist groups (I know you like to call them “rebels” but, let’s keep it real) who are fighting to overthrow President Assad.

These attacks always occur when Syrian government forces are on the brink of victory yet, we are supposed to believe that they would use banned chemical weapons to undermine their own successes?
It is also notable that the casualties are only ever civilians, the terrorist fighters apparently having a miraculous ability to avoid falling victim to these chemical attacks themselves.

It has not escaped the notice of many of us that the alleged attack on Douma came within days of President Trump’s announcement that US forces would be leaving Syria in the near future (as they should). Again, we are supposed to believe that President Assad, who would I’m sure like to see the back of uninvited western forces, has taken action that would almost certainly see them staying in theatre.

There are a great many of us who have realised what is happening in Syria and who is really perpetuating the civil war in that country. We know that the intervention of the US, EU and others has nothing whatsoever to do with “humanitarian” grounds. We know that the reason for wanting to remove President Assad has nothing to do with “human rights” or, because he is a “tyrannical dictator”, because whoever was slotted in to replace him would almost certainly be even worse.

This is about money, power and control. We know that neither Syria nor its Russian ally will bend the knee to the globalist banking cartel and that this is in large part the real reason for the western support of those trying to bring down the Syrian government and for the hostility towards Russia.
We know that this same motive is what really drove the interventions in Iraq and Libya. We will not be fooled again.

UKIP Northern Ireland Mug – Click Image

It is for these same reasons that so many of us simply do not believe HMG’s version of events re the Skripals in Salisbury. Nothing about the official narrative of that incident adds up and your Foreign Secretary has been proven to have lied about the provenance of the agent allegedly used, a supposed “military grade nerve agent” five times more lethal than VX but, which killed nobody and affected only three people.

We will do all we can to ensure that no British government ever again gets away with taking us to war on the back of a lies and fake evidence. We have had enough.




Portadown Times – Carmel Robinson

“As the great and the good of Northern Ireland politics past and present line up today to sip champagne, slap each other on the back and congratulate themselves on a job well done 20 years ago, the people here scratch our heads and look on in utter disbelief. Why are they congratulating themselves? Yes, they’ve all personally done rather well out of the devolution gravy-train in its current guise, but has Northern Ireland progressed in recent times?

Are the people better off? Aren’t we paying MLAs to do very little work when people are in pain waiting on hospital beds?

“Plainly put; the beloved model of ‘Belfast Agreement Devolution,’ ‘St Andrews Devolution’ or whatever label you care to give it has failed Northern Ireland.

“But it worked, they all got together, agreed and governed” they’ll tell us. Did they really ultimately ‘govern’ in the interests of the people here? The abiding memory of Devolved Governance in its current guise has been of two-headed carve-up, gridlock, indecision, scandal and buck-passing.”

Councillor Jones added:

“This week we’ll be lectured and patronised by those ‘great statesmen’ of our times – Blair and Clinton and we’ll be told that there’s a need to ‘return to the status quo at Stormont.’ They’ll take that opportunity to again blame our democratically achieved EU exit for absolutely everything. If past experience has shown us anything, it is this: When Tony Blair and Bill Clinton tell us that something is a really good idea; it is highly likely to be the exact opposite.”

“Twenty years on and its obvious to most people that this project and model of government that the great and the good cling to has long since passed its sell-by date.

“The Secretary of State should do the people of Northern Ireland a favour. Pull the plug on a failing and antiquated system, consider new models of governance and most importantly – consult the people before establishing or re-establishing anything which would continue a vicious cycle of failure and disappointment.

Coburn seeks end of Holyrood, should we do same with Stormont

Devolved Government has failed, time to Dissolve Stormont and Holyrood?

UKIP in Scotland is set to campaign for the end of Holyrood in Scotland, Coburn describing it as a windbag Parliament.

Should we here in this part of the United Kingdom also seek an end of Stormont. It has failed, the Belfast Agreement has failed, it serves no purpose other than to line the pockets of non productive MLA’s. The Assembly was created in order to bring terrorists into government, that has been its only achievement to the detriment of all decent folk here in Northern Ireland. Time to end this empty shell of Democracy.

Belfast Agreement has failed, time to move on.

Over the coming days we will be hearing from the great and the good how we all have benefited from the Belfast Agreement as they mark its anniversary.

Not one to lose the opportunity Tony Blair has been using the Agreement as a reason to reject Brexit.

Taking into account his side kick Powell’s words that the Agreement wouldn’t have happened if the full truth had been told at the time one has to wonder at the credibility of these two.

Of the great and the good who support the Agreement many warn Brexit could mean a return to violence. Operation fear still alive and well!

Taking into account recent statements and actions how far have we travelled?

Gerry Adams says violence justified. SF continue to laud their ‘freedom fighters’. Continued illegal republican parades over Easter. Attacks on the police. SDLP support naming of a children’s playground after a terrorist and of course not least the wheels have fallen off the Assembly train Blair was so keen we all get on. The sick wait on trolleys in hospitals, operations cancelled, Protestant children obtaining poor educational attainment, ex-solders arrested, the list goes on.

So we have it. Not much to ‘celebrate’ really as far as the Belfast Agreement is concerned. Many will say lives have been saved. How about this one? Other than for terrorist criminal activity lives would not have been lost. And, oh yes, those brought to book for their crimes have not only been released but given ‘get out of jail free’ cards.

UKIP Northern Ireland Mug

An anniversary for the Belfast Agreement? The only Agreement is it was destined to fail. It didn’t work. That’s the evidence.
Time to move on.

Gerard Batten slams £500 million increase

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten slams £500 million increase in the foreign aid budget

The UK’s foreign aid budget now stands at an eye-watering £14 billion; an increase of £500 million on the previous year. The increase came about because spending by law must hit 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income, in order to comply with the United Nations resolution on foreign aid.

UKIP calls for cutting the foreign aid budget to 0.2 per cent of GNI, saving at least £10 billion every year that could be reinvested into the NHS and other services.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented on the increase:

“It’s a disgrace that we are increasing our foreign aid spending when our social services and military are combatting cutbacks. How can it be right that we are sending more money to countries like India, which has its own space programme, or to dangerous regimes with atrocious human rights records like Iran?

“UKIP calls for a radical reduction in the foreign aid budget so that more of British taxpayers’ money is spent on vital services here at home.”

UKIP fielding over 530 candidates

UKIP fielding over 530 candidates at the upcoming English council elections

UKIP is pleased to declare that it will be fielding over 530 candidates in the English local elections.

The final figure will be known shortly.

This is a remarkable achievement given that just six weeks ago UKIP was thought to be on the edge of collapse.

UKIP’s Interim Leader Gerard Batten MEP said:

“Our branches, activists and members have found fresh heart and motivation and are back in the fight.

“Six weeks ago we had no local election campaign planning in place.  In a short space of time, the Party has rallied and organised a respectable number of candidates.

“We will be campaigning hard to retain those seats we are defending, and fighting to win some new ones.

“Whatever the final result, UKIP is firmly back on the political map.”

JONES: 365 days to go and all we have seen is Brexit betrayal

David Jones Spokesman UKIP Northern Ireland

We have 365 days to go until we are ‘supposed’ to leave the EU. However, it appears that because of a weak Tory government, supported by the DUP; we’re stuck in the Common Fisheries Policy and wedded to a transition period with no solid end date in sight.

When 17.4 Million people including 349,442 here voted to leave the EU, they did so believing that leave actually means leave: A full and clean exit from the EU and its bodies.

We didn’t vote for a half-in and half-out option, we didn’t vote for remain in all but name and we definitely didn’t vote for a backstop solution or Northern Ireland solution that could result in a border in the Irish Sea or some of scenario where the integrity of the union is compromised.

The border issue is a situation that has been manipulated and politicised by cave-dwelling anti-democrats hell-bent on defying the will of the majority of the people. Unlike those on the remain side who accepted the democratic result, they’re getting desperate.

These anti-democrats and the overpaid officials in Brussels know that the EU needs the UK a lot more than we ever needed the EU.

The border can be addressed via putting sensible smart-technological systems in place, and with goodwill on all sides. The common travel area will continue to exist; both Governments have said that.

Modern solutions exist throughout the world, including within the EU.  If there is a so-called ‘hard border,’ it will be put there because the EU and Irish Government put it there. It’s doubtful that will happen: It’s a red-herring.

Theresa May is failing us all.  Her list of retreats to date is long – for starters, she has agreed to pay a £40 billion so-called “divorce bill” to the EU which is a ridiculous figure plucked out of thin air. We’ll continue to obey all EU law, not one single regulation change has been mentioned, and we’ll continue to be bound by the decisions of the EU Court of Justice: Is that truly leaving?

We’re  in this odd mess because our Government has asked the EU how we might leave, when it should have told the EU how we are leaving. As it stands, the democratic wishes of the majority are being betrayed.

We want the Brexit we voted for. Mrs. May once said “no deal is better than a bad deal.”Agreed. This looks like a bad deal.  Walk away May.

By Councillor David Jones

UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland 

RUDDer less

The Home Office has revealed that it has lost track of over 600,000 foreign visitors to the UK; the same amount as the population of Belfast. UKIP Leader Gerard Batten is furious and calling on Home Secretary Amber Rudd to stand down over the debacle.

The Conservative Government has spent £800 million on a borders system designed to log every entry into and departure from the country. However, the immigration watchdog has revealed gigantic failures in the system.

David Bolt, the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, found that the exit check system was so unreliable that there were no departure records for more than 500,000 non-visa travellers including those from the US, Australia, Argentina and Brazil. Also, 88,000 non-EU citizens, whose visas typically last six months had disappeared.  This is equivalent to around one in 20 people whose leave to be in the UK expired between 2015 and 2017.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented on the report:

The revelation that the Home Office has lost track of over 600,000 foreign visitors; enough people to fill the city of Belfast, is scandalous. £800 million of taxpayers’ money has been wasted on what is an utterly useless system.

“Successive British Governments have proved that they are either completely incompetent or really don’t care how many people stay illegally in the UK. Which is it?

“Mrs May was totally useless as Home Secretary and the current Home Secretary Amber Rudd is following in her footsteps. She should do the decent thing and resign as Home Secretary so that someone else can sort out this this scandalous mess.”

Batten appoints David Jones as Spokesman

UKIP Northern IrelandUKIP Leader Gerard Batten has appointed Councillor David Jones as the Spokesman for Northern Ireland. David was part of a package of 14 new Spokesmen appointed to his team.

Welcoming the appointment Councillor David Jones stated:

“I hope in my new role I can live up to the expectations of the leader and the Party.

I believe UKIP still has a fundamental role in achieving Brexit, especially when you take account of the present limbo into which the Government has placed the UK.

“Being from NI we must also be aware, as the only part of the UK with an EU border, that this issue must be addressed fairly and sensibly, not used as a political pawn, and does not become a ‘back door’ entry point to the U.K.”

Commenting further, Councillor Jones added:

“More than our EU Exit,  I believe UKIP has a large part to play in standing up for the working people of this nation on all other areas and issues. We have policies that reach beyond Brexit; some of which have been taken on by other Parties. We must continue to champion these issue and bring them to the attention of the public locally and nationally.”

Also welcoming the news was Paul Girvan, Regional Controller of UKIP in Northern Ireland”

“On behalf of the branch, I just wanted to convey my hearty congratulations on your appointment as Northern Ireland Spokesman.  While long overdue, this recognition from the party leadership is no less welcome. I consider this a red letter day for the local branch. It’s clear that both locally and nationally; UKIP has a role to play as the strong voice for the patriotic working people.”