Speaking in the European Parliament earlier this week, UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP called for an amnesty for the brave ex-servicemen, (many of whom are now in their sixties and seventies) who put their lives on the line in Northern Ireland decades ago “to defend us against the cowardly murderers and terrorists in the IRA. Sometimes when facing this terror “they had to make split-second life and death decisions in an instant.”

Mr. Batten said that  “Northern Ireland veterans were being unjustly persecuted” and the cruel irony is that while the very “IRA Terrorists and murderers” who they were defending us against  “received an amnesty under the Good Friday Agreement and were able to walk away from their crimes,” they are being targeted in a clear witch hunt.

Mr. Batten called for “an act of Parliament for an amnesty for these ex-servicemen.” 

Gerard Batten with Dennis Hutchings, who faces charges over the shooting of an IRA suspect while a serving soldier in NI in 1974

Instead of ending this witch-hunt, the Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley has now refused to intervene citing human rights. She claimed intervention “would fall foul of the European Convention on Human Rights to give an amnesty to one side only.”

Clearly the fact that many IRA terrorists were freed under the Belfast Agreement has slipped the Secretary of State’s memory. This is unacceptable. It is also another example of how out of touch and out of her depth this Secretary of State is.

UKIP is calling on the Government to act now to STOP THE WITCH HUNT.  We need to see some Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans.