Open letter to Royal Mail sent 14/06/2018

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I notice with interest two – what some may call, conflicting stories in yesterday’s press (13/06/18) both concerning Royal Mail.

In the first article, ( ) it was reported that postal workers were banned from displaying their national flag during the World Cup. A Royal Mail Spokesperson referred specifically to a company-wide policy relating to flags and stickers covering trollies, bikes, vans and lorries where; ‘no other flag or insignia’ should be carried next to the Royal Mail branding.’

In the second article, ( ) a Royal Mail Centre Manager, Mark Aspen revealed a Royal Mail lorry emblazoned with the rainbow flag and emblem accompanied by the slogan; ‘delivering with PRIDE,’ both placed directly beside the Royal Mail insignia and branding.

Mr. Aspen stated: “We are delighted to support our LGBT colleagues and bring the rainbow truck to Northern Ireland to help us deliver the mail in a unique way.”

These conflicting stories lead to a few questions I hope you can answer:


1) Does Royal Mail have one rule for managers and another for its postal workers in relation to flags and insignia?


2) Does Royal mail put support for LGBT colleagues above support for all other groups; in this particular case – football supporters? 


3) If the answer to both questions above is no; then why is the rainbow flag/emblem allowed while all others are not?


I look forward with great interest to reading your response.

Robert Hill

UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland