Where are the true Brexiteers hiding?

Commenting on Mrs. May’s Brexit ‘negotiations’ and the current state of play with our EU Exit, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“We often read about the ‘Brexiteers in Cabinet’ and the ‘Rebels.’ We are also told that the Dup and those on the Tory benches are in favour of a ‘sensible brexit.’

“What is their definition of a ‘Sensible Brexit?’ Is this ‘sensible Brexit’ one where we continue to be wedded to the  Customs Union until 2021? Is a ‘sensible’ EU Exit one where we continue to have no trade deals with commonwealth or other non- EU nations and have no real say on controlling our borders or our fishing waters?

“Is it perhaps some other half in – half out Brussels fudge that we haven’t yet been told about?

Whatever the case may be; where are the real Brexiteers hiding?”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“17.4 Million of us knew  what we were doing when we voted leave: We voted to take back control of laws, land, borders and fishing waters. We voted to leave behind the EU, its bodies and  endless regulations to once again establish ourselves as a free and independent sovereign nation.

“Any Government or politician who truly put their own nation first would be telling the EU precisely how we’re going to leave, not waiting for them to tell us how in two years time.

‘No deal is much better than a bad deal’ Theresa May once said:  Agreed. In the current situation, surely that’s the only ‘true’ and ‘sensible’ Brexit for this nation”.