Today, commenting on the Government’s latest policy proposal to appease returning Jihadis; UKIP Leader, Henry Bolton condemned it as “an outrageous act of foolishness.”

Writing for Westmonster, he said: 

The idea that British citizens returning from fighting with ISIS should be given help to find jobs and should be given any sort of help with housing might be laughable if it was not a serious proposition..”

His full original article in full can be read at this link:

But where are the Government’s friends, the DUP?

“We in Northern Ireland would like a clear answer from our only representatives inside the House of Commons. There has been public silence on this issue from the Government’s ally – the Democratic Unionist Party.

“Given the fact that many British Army veterans across this United Kingdom – who risked their lives for us are on the streets tonight, homeless: This policy of offering council houses and/or counselling and assistance to returning Jihadi’s is a sick and cruel insult.

“So we put this question directly to the DUP: Will DUP MPs support or veto the Governments crazy new “social housing for returning jihadis” policy? 

The people of Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom more widely have a right to know where DUP MPs stand on this issue.”