Former UKIP Assembly and Westminster Candidate, Veteran and long-serving Councillor, Robert Hill has been appointed as UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland by UKIP Leader,     Gerard Batten MEP

Speaking after the appointment, Robert Hill said:

“I am delighted to represent the party in this role at a vital time and I look forward to welcoming Gerard back to Northern Ireland next month.”

“The Government and those that prop it up are failing to deliver the EU Exit that 17.4 Million of us voted for. Brexit means complete exit and that means no special status or half in arrangements.

“UKIP is the authentic party of true Brexit locally and nationally and we will continue to defend the democratic wishes of the people.”


 Commenting further, Robert added:


“Locally, we have well paid MLA’s, but no sitting Stormont Assembly. The old parties hold talks about more future talks; yet civil servants continue to make the key decisions on vital services with no direction. Where else would this happen?

“It’s clear from the past fifteen months of limbo that the structures and  current outdated model of devolution have failed us.

“It’s time for the Government to think again and look towards new models of Governance for Northern Ireland: One such idea  would be empowering the local council’s.

UKIP will outline our ideas and policies  in the weeks and months ahead.”

“There is a need for a patriotic, UK-wide movement standing up for the  people of this great nation.  UKIP has been and will continue to be that voice.”