Lest we ever forget the overwhelming reason we are leaving the EU is because the Nation decided to take back control of all our borders and assert the peoples right to self-determination. 
Time to take the gloves off Prime Minister. The ‘Brussels Bullies’ are kicking dirt in our faces. 

This month was always detailed in the calendar to be when the British Bulldog threw down the gauntlet to the EU. 

The attempts to annex the border from UK responsibility by designation by assignment illegally into Irish / EU territory will lead to provoking a Belfast Agreement backlash.

Some political veterans will recall an old election poster with the apt slogan of ‘6 into 26 won’t go.

‘A message of similar content needs to go out now saying for EU purposes that 6 into 27 isn’t going to work: Twenty seven EU countries boldly fronting an Irish land grab. 

This is not just a Brussels diktat, this is the end-game of Irish punishment tactics.

Dublin and Brussels are pushing Mrs. May to sell out Northern Ireland.

Wake up or lose your identity. ‘Soft unionists’ are swimming with the Alliance Party. ‘True Unionists’ must recognise Unionism’s right to demand that a No deal is better than a bad deal and remind the Prime Minister that these are her words.

New agreed arrangements for the future Governance of the Country need to emerge urgently following the final countdown to implement Brexit.
By David McNarry (Former UKIP MLA & Leader in NI)