On June 24th 2016, ‘remainers’ became ‘remoaners.’ Many (not all) leading figures from the remain campaign during the EU Referendum had made the decision  that democracy wasn’t for them any longer.  From that day to this point in 2018, we have seen court-cases, smear campaigns, unelected Peers voting down EU Exit legislation. We’ve seen the return to front line political campaigning of everyone’s favourite warmonger; Tony Blair and billionaires like George Soros and Richard Branson have been allowed to pour endless streams of money into a never ending reserve of pro-EU anti Britain propaganda campaigns.

The latest in a long line of such campaigns to be unveiled is the so-called ‘People’s Vote.’ This campaign, led by Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna calls for another vote on any final Exit deal with the EU. The irony seems to be lost on this pair and their wealthy friends and backers; the ‘People’s Vote’ has actually happened and we, the people voted to leave the EU completely.

The EU are attempting to negotiate or non-negotiate Britain into submission to get the best outcome for their 27 member  superstate. Quite frankly, they have been allowed to do so by a very weak Government – led by a politician who wanted to remain in any case. The EU and its army of unelected bureaucrats have witnessed the spectacle of Mrs. May’s ‘negotiation’ tactics to date and they’ve been encouraged to conduct themselves in this manner with little to no resistance.

Ultimately however, the opportunity for the EU to play this dirty game has also been facilitated by non-democrats such as Blair, Clegg, Soubry and Umunna with their campaign of mistruths. They appear to be undermining the Government’s negotiating position at every opportunity. When they are having their cosy chats with Mr Barnier etc: Are they also deliberately misrepresenting UK public opinion?

Their ‘People’s Vote’ Campaign is disingenuous in the extreme. We’ve had a democratic vote, and we have made our minds up. There were two clear options on the table in 2016 and we voted leave. Leave means total exit, not a halfway house status.

If the EU refuses to negotiate a fair deal, then any Government that put its own nation first would  be pulling the plug, negotiating long-term trade and co-operation deals with Commonwealth and other (non EU) nations and walking away completely: Free, sovereign and independent of the EU.

Sadly, we have a political class stuffed full of quislings who prioritise their own status and pay packets over the long-term interests of this nation and its people.

As for the aforementioned ‘Remoaners’ and their ‘People’s Vote,’ they aren’t fooling anyone, as can be evidenced by even a brief glance at responses online so far to their campaign.  The more they try to block and frustrate the will of the people, the more credibility and votes they will lose. Woe betide any MP in a leave constituency who attempts to block the will of the people.