Dear Prime Minister

May 28, 2018

This morning’s email to Theresa May and
David Davis:

“Dear Prime minister,

this week one of your party donors, Jeremy Hosking, has stated publicly “those who think the Government is vacillating or making a mess of Brexit due to incompetence are wrong. It is part of a strategy, it’s going to plan and the inference from experience of Brexit Express is that the Prime Minister herself is probably implicated.”

Please allow me to assure you that Mr Hosking is not the only one who holds this belief. In fact he is by far and away not the only one to have realised this. There are many of us who reached this conclusion shortly after your installation as Conservative leader, when it became obvious that your prevarication over sending the Article 50 notice was intended to give the remain campaign time to regroup and mount its challenges to the referendum result.

It has been abundantly clear since then that you have contributed deliberately to the uncertainty and controversy surrounding the UK’s Brexit negotiations and that your preferred option, should you be unsuccessful in sabotaging our exit, is to remain tied to the EU in such a way that we will have left in name only.

You are fooling some of us but, not all of us and the number of those who are seeing through what you are doing is rapidly increasing daily.

You are deluding yourself if you believe you will get away with this.