It is being reported in the mainstream media that UK is resisting calls to intervene in Syria, at least until more evidence regarding recent alleged chemical attacks is adduced.

Keith Lonsdale, Secretary UKIP Northern Ireland

This is the correct decision. We have seen this scenario a number of times and on every occasion Syrian government forces have been blamed. However, we have never seen any evidence of their involvement.

The most notable connection between all of these attacks is the presence of the “White Helmets”, a so-called “humanitarian” organisation who civilian witnesses have exposed time and again as members of the terrorist groups (I know you like to call them “rebels” but, let’s keep it real) who are fighting to overthrow President Assad.

These attacks always occur when Syrian government forces are on the brink of victory yet, we are supposed to believe that they would use banned chemical weapons to undermine their own successes?
It is also notable that the casualties are only ever civilians, the terrorist fighters apparently having a miraculous ability to avoid falling victim to these chemical attacks themselves.

It has not escaped the notice of many of us that the alleged attack on Douma came within days of President Trump’s announcement that US forces would be leaving Syria in the near future (as they should). Again, we are supposed to believe that President Assad, who would I’m sure like to see the back of uninvited western forces, has taken action that would almost certainly see them staying in theatre.

There are a great many of us who have realised what is happening in Syria and who is really perpetuating the civil war in that country. We know that the intervention of the US, EU and others has nothing whatsoever to do with “humanitarian” grounds. We know that the reason for wanting to remove President Assad has nothing to do with “human rights” or, because he is a “tyrannical dictator”, because whoever was slotted in to replace him would almost certainly be even worse.

This is about money, power and control. We know that neither Syria nor its Russian ally will bend the knee to the globalist banking cartel and that this is in large part the real reason for the western support of those trying to bring down the Syrian government and for the hostility towards Russia.
We know that this same motive is what really drove the interventions in Iraq and Libya. We will not be fooled again.

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It is for these same reasons that so many of us simply do not believe HMG’s version of events re the Skripals in Salisbury. Nothing about the official narrative of that incident adds up and your Foreign Secretary has been proven to have lied about the provenance of the agent allegedly used, a supposed “military grade nerve agent” five times more lethal than VX but, which killed nobody and affected only three people.

We will do all we can to ensure that no British government ever again gets away with taking us to war on the back of a lies and fake evidence. We have had enough.