Over the coming days we will be hearing from the great and the good how we all have benefited from the Belfast Agreement as they mark its anniversary.

Not one to lose the opportunity Tony Blair has been using the Agreement as a reason to reject Brexit.

Taking into account his side kick Powell’s words that the Agreement wouldn’t have happened if the full truth had been told at the time one has to wonder at the credibility of these two.

Of the great and the good who support the Agreement many warn Brexit could mean a return to violence. Operation fear still alive and well!

Taking into account recent statements and actions how far have we travelled?

Gerry Adams says violence justified. SF continue to laud their ‘freedom fighters’. Continued illegal republican parades over Easter. Attacks on the police. SDLP support naming of a children’s playground after a terrorist and of course not least the wheels have fallen off the Assembly train Blair was so keen we all get on. The sick wait on trolleys in hospitals, operations cancelled, Protestant children obtaining poor educational attainment, ex-solders arrested, the list goes on.

So we have it. Not much to ‘celebrate’ really as far as the Belfast Agreement is concerned. Many will say lives have been saved. How about this one? Other than for terrorist criminal activity lives would not have been lost. And, oh yes, those brought to book for their crimes have not only been released but given ‘get out of jail free’ cards.

UKIP Northern Ireland Mug

An anniversary for the Belfast Agreement? The only Agreement is it was destined to fail. It didn’t work. That’s the evidence.
Time to move on.