We have less than 365 days to go until we are ‘supposed’ to leave the EU. However, it appears that because of a weak Tory government, supported by the DUP; we’re stuck in the Common Fisheries Policy and wedded to a transition period with no solid end date in sight.

When 17.4 Million people including 349,442 here voted to leave the EU, they did so believing that leave actually means leave: A full and clean exit from the EU and its bodies.

We didn’t vote for a half-in and half-out option, we didn’t vote for remain in all but name and we definitely didn’t vote for a backstop solution or Northern Ireland solution that could result in a border in the Irish Sea or some of scenario where the integrity of the union is compromised.

The border issue is a situation that has been manipulated and politicised by cave-dwelling anti-democrats hell-bent on defying the will of the majority of the people. Unlike those on the remain side who accepted the democratic result, they’re getting desperate.

These anti-democrats and the overpaid officials in Brussels know that the EU needs the UK a lot more than we ever needed the EU.

The border can be addressed via putting sensible smart-technological systems in place, and with goodwill on all sides. The common travel area will continue to exist; both Governments have said that.

Modern solutions exist throughout the world, including within the EU.  If there is a so-called ‘hard border,’ it will be put there because the EU and Irish Government put it there. It’s doubtful that will happen: It’s a red-herring.

Theresa May is failing us all.  Her list of retreats to date is long – for starters, she has agreed to pay a £40 billion so-called “divorce bill” to the EU which is a ridiculous figure plucked out of thin air. We’ll continue to obey all EU law, not one single regulation change has been mentioned, and we’ll continue to be bound by the decisions of the EU Court of Justice: Is that truly leaving?

We’re  in this odd mess because our Government has asked the EU how we might leave, when it should have told the EU how we are leaving. As it stands, the democratic wishes of the majority are being betrayed.

We want the Brexit we voted for. Mrs. May once said “no deal is better than a bad deal.”Agreed. This looks like a bad deal.  Walk away May.

By Paul Girvan – UKIP Regional Controller for Northern Ireland