Wake up Brexiteers!

Mar 23, 2018


David McNarry – UKIP Northern Ireland

Wake up Brexiteers; the Irish / EU caucus are sleep walking the UK Government into a ‘New Ireland.’

Guess what? They are including Northern Ireland in their plan to bulldoze British soil smack bang into an all Ireland EU customs union.

When the Nation voted to take back control of our borders; it meant all of our borders. The trick in the slight of hand Irish are attempting is to summarily remove the only land border in the United Kingdom.

The political elite have shown an eager willingness to acquiesce in this dangerous backstop proposal. Never write again letters of controversial double talk implications Mrs. May. In fact, Mrs. Prime Minister – It would be appropriate that you write an open letter to the people of Northern Ireland withdrawing your December commitment to Donald Tusk. 

Our Government have a duty to publicly denounce this backstop proposal.

The longer it remains on the table as the only proposition; the more Varadkar, the Irish and those who seek to break up this Union will agitate.  


Brexiteers UK-wide must demand when the Government will produce a coherent alternative to the backstop nonsense. The Government will ignore at its peril denying the 320,579 Northern Irelanders who voted to leave the EU their right to be treated no different from any other part of this United Kingdom.


So come on the 44% here in Northern Ireland who voted leave: Let’s get Brexiting with a social media campaign driving home the compelling message that the border stays and it is going nowhere.

Opinion Piece By David McNarry (former UKIP MLA & NI Leader.)