UKIP Northern Ireland
UKIP Northern Ireland

As I predicted, the Tory Brexit deal, is destroying the Scottish Fishing industry, over this 2-year period. It seems that Lib Lab Con & the SNP all prefer the EU running our fishing grounds.

As the only pro-Brexit Scottish MEP, I will continue to fight, alone if necessary, for Scottish fishermen!

All those involved in the Brexit deal, claim they don’t want to see a hard border in Northern Ireland, so why is there any issue? If nobody wants it, then don’t do it!

The EU are playing dangerous & disingenuous games!

The continuation of free movement during the transition period due to the Brexit deal, not only ignores the voters of the UK, but it also smacks of a desire to flood the UK with migrants to change our voting demographic.

Just like Labour did in the not so distant past!

If there are no British MEP’s, then there should be NO Transitional period! Our taxes pay for this nonsense and taxation without representation is a dictatorship!

Britain cannot become a colony of Brussels, for 2 days, let alone 2 years, with Zero MEP’s or seats at the table!

Our unity may intimidate them, but it’s none of their business!