Fishermen betrayed

Mar 20, 2018

”Keeping UK fishers tied to EU for another two years will kill the fishing industry” says UKIP fisheries spokesman.

UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has branded the Brexit transition deal a ”total betrayal,” saying, ”for fishermen there will be no Brexit, as the Tories have handed the EU even more power over their industry.”
Mr Hookem’s comments came after it was announced in a joint EU/UK press conference that the fishing industry would continue to be regulated by the EU throughout the transition period, with Britain only able to ‘consult’ on fishing rule changes.
Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said the deal ”was a worst case scenario for fishers and coastal communities.”
Mr Hookem continued, ”rather than regaining the fishing industry, as is our right under international law, May, Davis, and their weak cohorts have actually further weakened our ability to make policy in UK waters.”
”When the EU say they will allow consultation on fishing rules, we all know that means the UK will be totally ignored. It’s bad enough at the moment while we are still part of the EU!”
”The simple fact is, the Tories betrayed the fishing industry on the way into the EU, and totally shafted the same sector on the way out.”
”While I have no doubts that those earning millions in the city each year will be celebrating this deal, many struggling fishers will know that this deal could mean the end of the line for them and their communities.”
”I am now calling on fishermen across Great Britain to unite on mass and match on Downing Street to protest this betrayal!”