Following the revelations of 40 years of child abuse carried out by rape gangs in Telford, and on the back tens of thousands of innocent child victims, almost entirely white or Sikh, in cities across the length and breadth of these islands, the leader of UKIP in the House of Lords will present an oral question to the Government on Tuesday 13th March about the failures of the authorities to deal with the situation and whether anything will be done to hold the failing agencies to account for those failings.

UKIP Northern Ireland
Lord Pearson

Lord Pearson will ask,

what assessment they have made of the national scale of the “grooming gang scandal”, including sexual exploitation of non Muslim children by Muslim men, as emerged recently in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and elsewhere; and what steps they are taking to enable the prosecution of those in the police and local authorities who have failed to prevent it.”

Lord Pearson said,

“In 2014 the Jay report found that in Rotherham alone [pop. 110,000] some 1,400 “Kufar” [non-Muslim] white girls had been abused between 1997 and 2013. Girls who become victims of these gangs are usually raped several times a day, so we are looking at many thousands of rapes just in Rotherham.If we extend the picture in Rotherham to our other cities with large Muslim populations, the number of rapes becomes almost unimaginable.

“According to a recent Quilliam Report, there have been only 264 convictions for grooming gang crime nationally since 2005, with just 30 in Rotherham. It found that 84% of the culprits were “Asian men”.

“I fear I will be accused of ‘hate crime’ in the wording of the Question, because Muslims may say it makes them feel hated and victimised.

“But that is what our police and social services feared when they turned a blind eye to all this for many years. And it is still going on.

“So who are the victims?  What are our Muslim leaders and close-knit Muslim communities doing about it?

“Should we not at least start talking about Islam?”