Smoke and Mirrors

Mar 13, 2018

Dear Prime Minister,

A few inconvenient thoughts. Inconvenient for you at least, especially as they are widely held:

The agent identified as being used in this incident, Novichok, was developed by the Soviet Union and is not a single agent but, a “type” of agent.
This family of agents has been around for nearly 50 years and it is inevitable that others, including our own government and that of the US, have synthesised it at least for research and testing purposes.

The notion that the only source of this agent could be Russia is absurd.

You have not been able to categorically pin this on Moscow, because you clearly don’t have evidence enabling you to do so. We all know that had such evidence been available, you would’ve said so faster than my dear departed granny calling “house!” on a full bingo card.

We know we are being misled in order to divert our attention from Brexit and the exposure of the most serious case of industrial-scale child grooming, rape and murder that this country has ever seen and which has recently been exposed in Telford. Not only has this evil episode been exposed but, it is emerging that, yet again, the local authorities, including police and social services, knew about it and allowed political correctness to stand in the way of investigating these hideous crimes.

Notably, this attack also comes on the back of a visit from the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who wants to sell LPG to the UK, probably in an exclusive deal. LPG is a commodity of which we currently buy a significant volume from Russia. What a coincidence.

Don’t take all of us for fools, Mrs May. We will not let this get in the way of investigating events in Telford and we will most certainly not let it hamper Brexit.

Kind regards

Keith Lonsdale