‘…UKIP MEP backs #WomenLead and calls for equality at home and abroad…’

MARGOT Parker MEP has backed this week’s (March 8) International Women’s Day.

The East Midlands MEP, who sits on the FEMM, (Women’s Rights and Gender Equality), committee in the EU Parliament has called for equality and equal chances for women both at home and abroad.

She said: “International Women’s Day again gives us all the chance to celebrate the achievements and steps have made over the years.

“But it is also a day to remember many women across the world are not equal and there is much work to be done- both at home and abroad, not least in countries were women are oppressed. Education is the key and should play a big part in helping to end that oppression.”

International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900’s and is a collective day of global celebration and a call for gender parity.”

This year’s theme is #PressFor Progress and Mrs Parker urged people to visit www.internationalwomensday.com and get involved in the push for equal chances.

She said: “This day belongs to all of us – men and women – as we strive to bring about change. All of us who care about equal rights have a part to play.

“I would urge people to visit the website and make their pledges and see which events are local to them so they can attend and get more involved.

“There is much work to be done on a whole host of issues – we all need to play a part.”

The UKIP MEP has fought for equality and justice on a range of issues at home and throughout the EU and beyond.

She has highlighted:

· The ongoing fight to end the horrendous pratice of femal genital mutilation, (FGM).

· The fight against sex trafficking.

· The campaign against the unfair ‘tampon tax.’

· Equal chances for women in business and the workplace to make childcare more affordable for working women.

· The fight against child marriage.

· The battle to end so-called ‘grooming gangs.

She said: “There is much work to be done both in this country and abroad.

“In this country too many women are still subjected to issues they have to fight against because of their gender.

She said: “For starters, we must look at getting this pay gap narrowed further, particularly when it comes to women returning to work after childbirth.

“It is grossly unfair on women that the gap widens after the arrival of children, whether that is due to them missing promotions, or gathering less work experiences.

“Remember, there is huge, un-tapped workforce of women who simply cannot go back to work because, for example, they can only to work weekends when their partner is home. The costs of childcare make it very difficult for women to get back into the workplace.”

“Women who return to work after they have had their children – no matter how long they are out of the workforce for – have so much to offer society. We have a duty to make sure they are treated fairly.”