UKIP Northern IrelandRoyal Mail parcel delivery service is simply not up to the task. The Oh so familiar “Something for you” postcard indicates quite the reverse. Not only has Royal Mail failed to deliver the package, something not for you, but compound the action by preventing the customer from collecting the item until the next day.

This process is simply inefficient and dare I say it! Not very environmentally friendly. Despite having to pay for a service not wholly provided, the customer has to then pay for fuel or transport in order to stand in line, perhaps even outside in the rain, in order to recover their parcel. In addition having, possibly, to pay a fee for parking.

Royal Mail needs to modify its service to serve a modern society, we are no longer tied to the kitchen sink during the working day. Most families need to be out working to make ends meet and Royal Mail needs to recognise that fact providing an appropriate level of service in order to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Continually we hear glowing praise for our postmen, perhaps if the parcel service have no desire to match their level of service then consideration needs to be given to handing over to another more competent provider.