Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP  Leader and Richard Inman from veterans against Terrorism ask you to join UKIP: A voice for the patriotic working people of this nation.

 Earlier this week, UKIP Leader – Gerard Batten MEP met with Richard Inman from the Group ‘Veterans Against Terrorism.’ As seen in the video above (released by Richard of V.A.T) the NEC and party reps  endorsed Gerard’s proposal to support the efforts of this group going forward. 

Richard and many fellow veterans (across the UK) have now officially joined UKIP (and many others are in the process of doing so) as they believe that UKIP is the authentic voice of Brexit and of the patriotic working people of this nation. 

The old parties are letting the people down and to quote Richard –“unity is now required in our movement” to face up to the many challenges ahead.

 >From today, you can join UKIP too for just £20.00. 🇬🇧 Make a stand and get involved!


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