Dear Prime Minister

It was obvious from your reaction at the dispatch box during PMQs today that the recently published draft document outlining the EU’s Brexit proposals, particularly where the UK/RoI border is concerned, was not in fact what was agreed in December.

This is clearly another deliberately provocative move, designed to stoke the fires of “project fear” and undermine our decision to leave the EU.

We will not accept Northern Ireland being treated differently to any other part of the UK where Brexit is concerned.

The UK voted to leave the EU and ALL of its constituent parts must do so together as a single entity and under the same conditions.

There must be no border of any kind between N Ireland and the rest of the UK.

If this is unacceptable to the EU, that’s too bad.

If this is unacceptable to the Irish, they can have a referendum and vote to leave with us. They can then join us in free trade in what would be by far their best option, given that we are their nearest and largest trading partner, not the continental EU.

This message must be sent unequivocally to Brussels and Dublin.

Yours Faithfully

Keith Lonsdale