The European Commission shall not be allowed to annexe Northern Ireland  says Gerard Batten

Ukip Brexit spokesman Gerard Batten MEP during a press conference at the Ukip campaign shop in Stoke.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said: “The EU is trying to divide Northern Ireland away from the rest of the UK and attempting to undermine and reverse the EU referendum decision.

“Every party in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Irish Republic, along with both governments have said they wish to avoid a hard border.

“The only party saying they will put a hard border in place is the European Commission, ie Michel Barnier. The European Commission must not be allowed to annexe Northern Ireland, put a disruptive hard border in place.

(There must also be no barrier to Northern Ireland’s trade with the rest of the UK. The integrity of the UK must remain in tact.)

There are a number of solutions to the Irish border issue.”

  1. Irexit – Ireland leaves the EU and has a new free trade deal with the UK.
  2. Ireland is given special trade status by the WTO due to its unique trading links and history with the UK.
  3. There is a bespoke technological border solution, without customs posts etc. This was the preferred earlier solution of the UK government.