The European Commission’s draft document and the EU’s blatant attempts to directly interfere in the internal affairs of the United Kingdom should demonstrate to all the the bare-faced ignorance of the unaccountable bureaucrats who wield power and influence in the corridors of power in Brussels.

As evidenced by Mr. Verhofstadt’s speech; this was clearly an outrageous attempted power grab by the EU. It’s totally unacceptable and will understandably be resisted by the 17.4M leave voters across the United Kingdom, (including 350,000 here in Northern Ireland) and likely many more than that.

Constitutionally, economically and politically, this is one United Kingdom; so there should be no divergence or ‘pick n’ mix’ approach to our EU exit. We joined the Common Market together and then voted to leave the EU as one United Kingdom. We will completely leave the EU formally as one nation.

It did not say on the ballot paper: “Does NI or Scotland or England or Wales wish to leave or remain?”  The question was about the entirety of our Union: The United Kingdom.”

If you look close enough; this is an attempt by those who wish to dilute the sovereignty of our nation and break it up by stealth. This attempt to essentially annexe Northern Ireland is backed up and wholeheartedly endorsed by the EU and its global cheerleaders who wish to punish the UK after ‘Brexit’ and save their rapidly failing political project.

This interference in the business of a Sovereign Nation State is another crystal-clear example of why 17.4 Million people voted to leave the EU and will be glad to finally see the back of it.