UKIP Northern IrelandIn his previous email to the home secretary regarding the far-left group known as “Antifa”, Keith Lonsdale UKIP Northern Ireland reminded that the definition of “terrorism” is contained in Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2000. Suggesting Amber Rudd  must surely be fully conversant with that definition.

Today we see a number of prominent news outlets reporting that another far-left, anti-Brexit extremist group, “the Real 48%”, has embarked upon a campaign of issuing death threats and other intimidation to people who they see as prominent members of the pro-Brexit camp and a number of Brexit campaign donors. These stories appear to be credible.

When can we expect a statement from the Home Secretary in regard to the increasingly violent and extreme nature of the anti-Brexit far-left?

Amber Rudd has spoken a number of times on the supposed threat from the far right, which many would say is in reality all but non-existent in the UK but, despite the fact that proven instances of violence, intimidation and criminal damage by far-left groups are far more numerous and frequent, you have barely given them a mention.

Threatening to kill people with the intention of changing the direction of British politics is, I believe, a terrorist act.

When can we expect to see the Home Secretary take decisive action against these groups?

To Amber Rudd I ask the question again, is your lack of mention, let alone action, indicative that the activities of these far-left, anarchic groups suit your own political objectives i.e to thwart our exit from the EU?


Keith Lonsdale UKIP