UKIP sees merit in our vision and strongly urges the Education Authority to consider our proposal.


As a Political Party UKIP is much centred on the role of education for all our young people.

We believe in parental choice and providing the best resources and facilities as close to the community as possible.

Taking these principles into account, on careful examination, we must state our concerns as what we consider to be fundamentally flawed proposals from the Education Service for Lurgan children. We cannot accept the notion of bussing children from Lurgan to Portadown will anyway enhance their education, in fact we feel it will have the opposite.

We have seen alternative proposals as put forward by the group Education Equality for Lurgan and on examination we do believe they have merit and should be part of this current debate. We would caution the Education Board to seriously consider the proposals and not to dismiss them out of hand.

The best form of education is when the educators, parents and the community work together. Sadly there appears to have been reluctance by the educators to take into account what parents and the local community are saying. There is an opportunity now for a mulit-functional facility that would bring together education, sports and the young people in their local community. There is an opportunity to provide a facility not only fit for purpose today but into the future years. We would ask serious consideration be given to the Education Equality for Lurgan`s proposals. The young people are those who are important. Let us make sure we do not let them down.

Cllr David Jones CQSW, Dip.SW