Dear Prime Minister

Jan 26, 2018

Unlike you, I voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union and I did so along with 17.4 million others.
Again unlike you, I can see past the EU and to a future for this country as an independent sovereign state, free to trade with whoever we please and on mutually agreeable terms, rather than those dictated to us by people no British (or European) voter can elect into or, out of office. I voted for us to be able once again to make our own laws as it suits us, with no compunction to frame any of them within the rules of any supranational policy or body of law created and controlled by those I have mentioned above, and for the supreme arbiter of those laws to be our own domestic courts, not another foreign body.

During the referendum campaign, it was made clear to all of us, over and over again, that leaving the EU meant leaving the customs union and single market. That is what I and 17.4 million others voted for.

We voted for proper border control, an end to freedom of movement (within the definition of the EU treaties) and for an end to mass immigration (which you have signally failed to even attempt to control, despite your repeated assurances that you would).

We voted to leave the Common Agricultural Policy, allowing us to set our own domestic policy and subsidies according to the needs of our farmers and consumers, not those on the continent.

We voted to leave the Common Fisheries Policy, which has absolutely decimated our fishing fleets and is doing untold damage to what where our territorial fisheries.

We voted to leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and return all lawmaking and judicial powers to this country.

We voted to be able to create our own foreign policy and re-engage with the 85% of the World that is not in the EU on our terms, not terms dictated to us by the EU Commission.

We voted to leave the European Union in its entirety, to cease to be part of or bound by any of its institutions, to save ourselves from its quickening march towards a federal European superstate and to avoid the conflict being created by its increasing militarism and eastward expansionism.

We did not vote for any transition period were we would remain under the control of Brussels in what would be a de facto extension of our membership beyond 2019 and which you are widely reported to have already agreed to.

We did not vote for N Ireland to be treated differently than the rest of the UK.

The vote was not conditional upon this that or, the other. It was not conditional upon reaching an agreeable trade deal with the EU, which is looking increasingly unlikely (thanks in no small part to you and your seemingly endless concessions) and it was not conditional upon another vote in the Parliament to agree to any such deal.

We voted to get out of the EU and that is what we expect to be delivered in full, without compromise.