UKIP Northern IrelandDespite even the most recent Republican slap in the face of Unionism in the form of the McElduff Kingsmill video; the establishment Unionists of the DUP appear to remain wedded to the notion of sharing power with the butchers of our people.

No matter the provocation; it would seem that the DUP above all else, are committed to clinging to the earning power of Stormont. The lure of ministerial salaries, cars and  the trappings of office seem to be their primary focus.

This week their Spokesmen have described meetings with the new Secretary of State, Karen Bradley MP as ‘productive’ but declare they need more than useful meetings – rather an outcome.

Stormont in the current mandatory coalition model has long since passed its sell-by date. The forced, stop-start coalition of chaos model was always a flawed concept and so it has proven to be in practice:  Delivering deadlock, delay and division.  If there is ever to be a devolved system of government here again, the system needs total reform and the people should have a say in that beforehand.

That leaves the lingering question; is the outcome sought by the DUP solely the pursuit of power at all costs? Are they content with the status quo of a flawed system: Jump-starting and pushing this antiquated project along the tracks to continue lining their own pockets?

Or have they a new transparent, voluntary system of government in mind; a reform agenda to provide effective Government for all the people of Northern Ireland? I suspect the answer lies in the former.