UKIP Northern IrelandIn the wake of the proposed Boris Bridge across the English Channel a top architect has suggested that a bridge joining Scotland and Northern Ireland is feasible.  Moreover Prof Alan Dunlop thinks such a bridge would cost about £15bn, considerably less than the estimate of £120bn for the English Channel bridge.

The professor also suggested the economies of both Northern Ireland and Scotland would benefit from such an enterprise particularly Post Brexit. Additionally the project would further cement the connections between the two Nations which have historically been close sharing history and ideals.

The idea is not without challenges. Prof Dunlop suggests linking Bangor or Larne to Portpatrick which would have geological challenges, but the shorter route from the Antrim Coast to Campbletown would have infrastructure issues on the Scotland side.

In any case the proposal is to be welcomed and would not be unique. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge in the eastern coastal region of China is 22 miles long proving such a venture is possible.