Jones declares it’s time to go

To be in a New Year it seems we have dragged into 2018 a raging sore from 2017.

All things may change but the Stormont juggernaut keeps rolling on.

A day into the New Year and another talks process in being mentioned.

The DUP say no pre-conditions with Sinn Fein, well just being Sinn Fein.

The cynic would of course say talk of talks has no doubt been encouraged by the threatened reduction in MLA’s wages while the same MLA’s would exclaim in horror they are busy with constituency work. Be that as it may that is not what they were voted in for and anything else is a crass misuse of the democratic system.

Here’s an idea to resolve the issue.

The DUP, with their new found Government influence, advise the PM charades are for Christmas and they have no intention of playing along with this one. They then introduce their ideas and a new, fit for purpose, form of Devolution, including voluntary coalition, and let those  Party’s who wish to be part of it to do so, those who don’t to remain outside. SF exercise that right at Westminster so why not at Stormont? As an incentive to be part of the process those wanting to abstain lose all payments/expenses at Westminster and Stormont.

Could or would it work?

One thing is for sure we simply cannot allow our elected representatives to continue in the same old way. We may have voted for them but it is time to say enough is enough. They should no longer continue to abuse this power. Our elderly, vulnerable, Education and Health services plus the very fabric of society deserve better.

Time you, the people, let them know you will no longer tolerate this ‘comedy of errors.’