UKIP Northern IrelandA new report by Quilliam International has found an alarming level of over-representation of (South) Asian men in group-based child sexual exploitation (CSE) crimes, otherwise known as ‘grooming gangs’. The Quilliam thinktank spells out, the “Asian men” who target white teenagers and young adults do so “on the basis of their vulnerability, rather than as a result of a preferential sexual interest in children”.

In many of the case studies looked at, members of gangs were often related by “blood or community” and when Quilliam analysed 58 grooming gangs, they found that 84 per cent of their members were Asian and 70 per cent of those were of Pakistani heritage.

John Bickley, UKIP’s Immigration and Integration spokesman said: “The Quilliam report, written by two men of Pakistani heritage is shocking. It shows how decades of Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat support of multiculturalism and political correctness (coupled with a fear of being labelled racist) has led to a situation where it is thought that up to 40,000 mainly white girls have been the victims of CSE  by mainly Pakistani Muslim men. Much of the rape and abuse has happened  in constituencies and council wards represented by Labour councillors and MPs.

Within the political sphere it is well known that Labour has invested much effort in nurturing the votes of many ethnic communities upon whose votes Labour  is now reliant. Labour has scores of Muslim MPs and councillors, many in areas where the worst CSE crimes have taken place. Labour appears to have turned a blind eye to the appalling rape and abuse of mainly white girls rather than confront the perpetrators and their communities for fear of losing influence,  votes or being accused of being racist. It is all too easy to come to the conclusion that the Labour party has taken the white working class vote for granted, turned its back on CSE within its traditional heartlands and decided not to ‘upset’  the Muslim communities which Labour depends on for supporting it core vote.”

Allison Pearson, the Daily Telegraph journalist who is at the forefront of standing up to the ‘grooming gang’ culture wrote: “The Quilliam report is written by Haris Rafi and Muna Zainab, both of Pakistani heritage, so it’s pretty hard to accuse them of demonising Muslims. Rafi admits he thought the problem was “being overstated, but it isn’t…. Facts are facts.

What they found was, indeed, racist. Perpetrators viewed their young victims as “white trash available for sex”. The whiteness of the girls repeatedly came up in the trials of grooming gangs, their miniskirts, their loathsome availability. Quilliam traces this contempt to cultural norms still prevalent in some communities in South Asia where women are viewed as commodities, pristine custodians of a family’s honour, instead of human beings”.

John Bickley said, ‘Part of the solution to the ‘grooming gang’ culture and CSE is for local authorities and their institutions (the police, social services and education authorities) to be merciless and unforgiving in their determination to stamp out these appalling abuses and crimes. They cannot allow either political correctness or fear of being labelled racist to stop them from responding to reports of CSE from any part of their community. They must follow the evidence wherever it leads them, without showing fear or favour’.