This deal with the EU is a total sell-out. It reveals that not only do we remain inside the EU Single Market and Customs Union until 2021, we will pay for that privilege and have absolutely no say over, but will have to comply with any EU regulations introduced during that period. Once we finally leave, we will in fact remain ‘aligned to’ the regulations of the very body we voted to quit. In addition, UK courts are secondary – as we will stay under the jurisdiction of EU courts for almost a decade. Worse still, we are restricted from being able to make any meaningful trade deals with countries outside the EU for a number of years.

This is just marvellous negotiating by our Prime Minister isn’t it?

Sadly, this has confirmed what UKIP has been saying all along regarding the Prime Minister’s ‘negotiations.’ This is not what we voted for. We voted to exit the European Union to take back control of our laws and our land. Instead, we have been presented with what appears to be an abject surrender by Theresa May.  When she said “no deal is better than a bad deal,” she was clearly being disingenuous, because this is a very bad deal. May has conceded on almost every demand laid out by the unelected EU negotiators at the outset: It’s a total capitulation.

Furthermore, this is a bad deal that her partners in Government, the DUP appear to have ultimately signed off on. Our question to the DUP? Do they genuinely recognise this as the UK completely leaving the EU, the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the EU Courts? Are they content with this outcome in its entirety? If the answer to that question is no; why have they not withdrawn their support for Mrs. May’s Government? If the answer to that question is yes, then it is abundantly clear that only UKIP remains committed to truly exiting the European Union in line with the wishes of the British people.

Leave means leave, it does not mean pay the EU billions (that we aren’t legally obligated to pay) to remain in all but name.