UKIP MEP for Scotland, David Coburn said:

“It is a disgrace that the European Union is attempting to try to split Northern Ireland from the rest of this United Kingdom. Worse still – that the inexperienced Irish Prime Minister,  Leo Varadkar is allowing himself and the prosperity of the Irish people as sacrificial lambs on the altar of EU ambition.

“There was a common travel area that existed between the UK and the Republic of Ireland years before either country was a member of the EU; so of course we can have a border arrangement between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic based on mutual consent and reasonable behaviour – which the EU currently does not seem inclined to do through reasons of bitterness and arrogance.

“The European Union has no business trying to interfere in the internal arrangements of the United Kingdom in either Northern Ireland nor Scotland. Indeed, the UK has not tried to exacerbate or exploit the EU’s problems regarding Spain and Catalonia for political advantage over Brexit as the EU has done.  The EU should respect our territorial integrity.”

“I recently discussed these matters in a private meeting with President Juncker who told me it would be improper for him and the EU to interfere in the internal affairs of nation states in regard to both Scotland and Catalonia. This should therefore also apply to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.”

“Perhaps Monsieurs Barnier and Verhofstadt have failed or simply do not care to understand this concept.  They seem particularly bitter Euro enthusiasts with an axe to grind and the last people to be conducting civilised negotiations.”


David Coburn meeting Jean-Claude Juncker