A European Union court has ruled that EU citizens who become British have more rights than other Brits to bring in spouses from outside the bloc to live in the UK.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has rejected the claim that all British citizens should be subject equally to the Home Office’s stricter immigration regulations on gaining residency, which means Europeans who gain British citizenship do not need to meet an earnings threshold of £18,600 a year, for example, to bring in a partner from outside the EU, unlike those born in the UK.

UKIP’s Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said, “When the EU (ECJ) rule that an illegal immigrant has more rights than a British citizen you know that the ‘lunatics have taken over the asylum’. This is just the latest example of illegal immigrants gaming the immigration system with the help of lawyers lining their pockets with taxpayers’ money.

Illegal immigrants are costing the British taxpayer a fortune whilst the provision of public services and housing for the poorest in our society is a disgrace. The sooner the UK is out of the corrupt and self serving EU the better. When we make our own laws again the voters can throw out any government that is stupid enough to allow this sort of scam to prevail.”