In handing out money to foreign criminals we must be mad

The handing of compensation to a Somali career criminal has been slamed by UKIP as an example of how our system is being systematically abused . Worse it is us who are allowing this to happen.

A Somali Criminal has been handed £78,500 in compensation for the attempt to deport him. Abdulrahman Mohammed has 13 previous custodial sentences.

Peter Jewell, the UKIP Justice spokesman said,

“The sentence Judge Mr Edward Pepperall QC was right in his sentencing remarks that Abdulrahman had abused the hospitality of the this country and that he was a violent Criminal and he could well understand why the Home Secretary would try to deport him.

“However again we have been bound by the European Court that cited that the deteriorating situation in Somalia might be prejudicial to his safety and that he could not be removed. So do not blame the judge he interpreted the law absolutely correctly, it the law that is an ass. At least the Home secretary tried but did not have the gumption to change the law first. Mind you Labour’s Ms Abbott might have given him a house and £178,000 and the Liberals would have done that and a holiday.

“UKIP would change the law so that illegal immigrants would be immediately deported and criminals the same day. This £78,000 will be paid for with yours  and my tax money, but I would want that money to go into health, education and the elderly, let’s look after the British first, together with the foreigners who are working here legally to assist with our economy.”