IT has certainly been a busy few months for all of us in UKIP as we seek to keep the Government focused on a clean Brexit – a Brexit, after all, the people voted for last year.

In September, after the leadership election, I was delighted to be asked by the new leader Henry Bolton to be his deputy.

I said on my appointment it was


time for everyone in UKIP to pull together and drive the party forward over the next few months.

I will, of course, continue my work as an MEP in the East Midlands, to ensure a clean Brexit and to fight for what is best for the country. I will also be working closely with our new leader and his team over the next 18 months or so – a crucial period which will help shape the future of the UK.

In my new role, (and with my new portfolio as spokesperson on aid and international development), it is imperative I help work towards unity within the party as we move towards March, 2019.

As Henry himself said, UKIP has a moral obligation to hold the Government to account for taking us out of the European Un


Clear and decisive leadership is crucial and we shall deliver it. It is urgent that we work on projecting our party firmly and decisively with the purpose of securing our nation’s interests through Brexit and beyond.

We must make sure everyone in our party – from volunteers to senior party figures – has a crucial role in the ongoing fight to keep Mrs May’s Government held to account.

It is also clear that we must continue to refute the claims of the ‘Remainers’. I make a point in my media appearances, letters, press releases and radio and television interviews to illustrate that far from disappearing over a cliff, our economic prospects are growing since the Referendum

Indeed, the respected IHS Markit/CIPS manufacturing survey released just last week showed that for the 15th month in succession th

e manufacturing sector has grown.

We need to make sure the people of this country are aware of these figures and surveys – it is NOT doom and gloom.