Andrew Charalambous, the Party’s Employment Spokesman responding to the recent report of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, said that “UKIP are clearly the only Party that still believes in Britain. We will never talk Britain down. This report contains much promising news for British workers. Brexit is improving the wages across the board for the working people of the country”

UKIP have always maintained that the establishment’s negative attitude towards Brexit will do more harm to the economy than any change in fundamentals caused by the Brexit process itself.

Charalambous added “growth in permanent staff placements remained robust at the start of the final quarter of 2017. Staff vacancies rose sharply for both permanent and temporary employment during October according to the report, but the reports authors have attempted to play down the results making out that such things are bad, they are not. They would prefer to believe their anti-Brexit prejudice than the results of their own survey.

It is no wonder British people are dismayed with the way the Tory government is handling Brexit. Charalambous went on to say “It is clear that even when there is good news there are those who are desperate to pretend that it is bad”.