Henry Bolton has re-appointed London Assembly member, David Kurten AM to his Shadow Cabinet brief as Spokesman for Education and Apprenticeships.

Mr Bolton said, “By reappointing David into this role my top team nears completion. I am certain that David will continue in his sterling work both on the London Assembly where he has provided serious opposition to Sadiq Khan and in the education field where he will continue work on ensuring our children get the education, training and opportunities they deserve”.
Mr Kurten said,
“I met party leader Henry Bolton yesterday to discuss the role of Education Spokesman and I am happy to say that I will continue in that role.
It is vital to the future of the country after Brexit that our own young people have the skills they need to thrive in this country – this means technical as well as academic skills. While the current government should be have this as their top priority in Education, they are more concerned about pushing politically correct ‘progressive’ ideologies in our schools.
UKIP is the only party which fully supports freedom of speech in our Universities, and will stand up to the left wing indoctrination in our schools, where children are routinely being conditioned to view their own country in a negative manner. In some cases, they are even exposed to EU propaganda.
Every day it seems more likely that Blair, Hammond, Rudd, Clegg, Soubry, Khan and their ilk will get their way and keep us shackled to the EU in some way, so that Brexit will be a departure from the EU in name only. We cannot let that happen, and a strong UKIP is the only political force which can stop them. If we do better than expected in May, it will show the parties now in control of Parliament, that we are still a serious force which can bounce back from the brink, and will force them to think twice before they sell out the country on Brexit.
We have local elections next May, and we have an enormous task to get battle ready in just six months, but we can do it. I will be standing in my local borough in May 2018, and I hope that we can all come together and fight to win.