The NI Secretary of State was in Brussels (as part of a Government delegation) to meet EU figures today. During the trip, he stated the obvious,  that “we joined the Common Market in 1973 as one United Kingdom and we will leave the European Union in 2019 as one United Kingdom. As the Prime Minister has made clear, leaving the EU will mean that we leave both the single market and the customs union.” 

Much to the disappointment of some delusional politicians and old parties locally, this does still mean that we are leaving the single market.

It’s quite remarkable that almost eighteen months after the majority of people across the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, some are still unable and unwilling to accept this democratic vote. Northern Ireland, like England, Scotland and Wales are part of the United Kingdom  (another statement of fact that some local parties have trouble coming to terms with..)   

The majority within the UK voted to leave. Leave means OUT of the Parliament, the Union, the institutions, the European Courts and yes – the Single Market and customs union.

The referendum is long over: It’s a settled issue. Perhaps the overpaid, non-legislating legislators within some the old local parties should be more concerned about the fact that they have failed miserably to perform their most basic of duties. They’ve been unable to set a regional rate, pass a Northern Ireland budget or govern in the interests of all people in Northern Ireland.

While UKIP firmly believes that the Government needs to get its act together sharpish regarding our exit from the European Union  – and we will continue to strongly argue locally and nationally that this exit should be as soon as possible; the Secretary of State’s comments today are welcome.

Leave means leave!